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Halo Rand and the Ways


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So I know lots of peolpe have talked about Rands effect of Cleasing the taint on the ways and my purpose here is not to discuss that. But I was jsut curious as to people's thoughts on Rands effect on the ways if he were to enter them now. We have already seen Rands new "Light" effect on peole and plants. We have seen him cause an entire apple orchard to suddenly rebloom and well as his effect on the Grain Barges.


So what would happen if he were to enter into the Ways now? THe ways were grown. Could his "light" effect cause them to rebloom and heal? And if so do you think that the effects would linger after he left?


Do you think his light effect would draw Machin Shin like a bon fore or do you think it would hurt it and cause it to flee him?

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Machin Shin seems to have gotten Fain's Rand-tracking ablility when Fain encountered it.


There might be a chance of Machin Shin still being at Waygate if Rand tries to enter.



Main question should be this:

How would Machin Shin react to Rand now?


Discovering that answer would help discover what would happen to the Ways.

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