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Made the Dragon Reborn


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I'll admit, back when Oblivion came out, I made a Rand Al'Thor and a Perrin Aybara. Along with a few other characters from Fantasy.

I havent done it on oblivion yet ill try it out though i dont think itll beat the Nerevar(cause Morrowind trumps all :happy: ). Im still trying to finish Morrowind and Bloodmoons main quests before Skyrim comes out :wacko: . Been playing morrowind since its release and i still havent beaten those 2, only reason Tribunal got done was Hopesfire and Trueflame.


Diablo 2 druid named Perrin. He turned into a wolf. Pretty original eh?Can't remember if they could use axes or hammers or both.

Yep thats pretty original in this day and age. It better have used axes then hammers :tongue:.


@GYLD(it didnt quote for some reason)

Yeah im always a mage who can use a sword on any game that lets me so i guess im always Rand

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