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  1. I don't know about a cop out, but Fain does feel like an unsatisfying answer. The attack on Demira set into the motion the events that drove Rand out of Caemlyn and into the hands of the Tower embassy in Cairhien. It's hard to imagine that not being a Darkfriend conspiracy.
  2. I've a small suspicion that the Red Veils, now that the time for them to remain hidden is coming to an end, might indulge themselves in the slaughter of a fractured Shaido.
  3. I've only the first point to address, but I see no real evidence that Lanfear protected the Aiel. It's no less than a lynch mob to make that claim and it seems far more likely they went after the first person with the vaguest connection to a Forsaken rather than Lanfear having anything to do with the Aiel after joining the Shadow.
  4. I'm personally a firm believer in the theory that Sorilea is a Darkfriend. That is of course not particularly crazy and I certainly wasn't the one to come up with it. That being said, I've a slight suspicion as to what Sorilea's motives are and that is where the crazy comes in. Perhaps when Sorilea went to Rhuidean the second time she, like Avi, went through the glass columns again after witnessing the past. Seeing the same future as Avi, Sorilea dedicated herself to the destruction of the Aiel at the Last Battle. She would sacrifice her own honor and become a Shadowrunner so that the Aiel could end in glorious battle with their honor intact rather than generations of degradation.
  5. Rand doesn't seem to think very highly of Elayne. He believes Elayne is going to attempt to retake the Caemlyn, so if he tells her that's a good idea maybe she'll just abandon her capital and stay at Merrilor out of spite.
  6. As I recall, Rand was laying down false trails for his enemies to follow after the Asha'man attack in Cairhien. He does the same in Tear if I remember correctly.
  7. I remember that particular POV as well, though not quite which book it is from. Though if Fain/Mordeth does genuinely fear being trapped in Shadar Logath again, it doesn't explain why he couldn't send one of his corrupted flunkeys in to the city to grab something and leave.
  8. I am both anticipating and dreading a Cadsuane and Moiraine meeting.
  9. Unless I'm forgetting something, I don't see any reason for Moiraine to be any where near Caemlyn. Grady, who is responsible for making the gateways for Mat and the rest, followed Perrin to the Fields of Merrilor. If Moiraine and the rest take his gateway, they will arrive there, not Caemlyn. Mat may take another gateway to meet up with the band before the Ebou Dar trip, but I don't see Moiraine leaving Rand's side any time soon after they are reunited.
  10. Seems to say the channelers don't carry weapons which the ones that killed the merchant had. The merchant was killed by knives though. While they were never specifically identified, it is not unusual for a channeler to carry a belt knife.
  11. Isam was just an infant when Malkier fell. I would think he was too young for his parents to indoctrinate him as a Darkfriend. I'd have to agree with Isam being a product of his environment. In many ways Isam is a victim.
  12. I misread your question. I missed the part about Tear.
  13. I'm pretty sure Lan did experience the warder death rage, to some extent. He did not go and get himself killed though because Moiraine arranged for his bond to be passed to Myrelle and he was immediately compelled to seek her out.
  14. As far as I remember, it is never mentioned in the books that Saidar would have been tainted along with Saidin. That detail only came about in an interview.
  15. Fighting with a sword is no longer practical when compared to wielding the One Power, but suffice it to say, Rand has not disdained the sword. He ordered his Asha'man to be trained with swords and he continues to train with the sword when he can find the time as we saw in LoC when he was sparring with multiple men at a time in the wake of Lan's absence. And yes, you'll see more of Rand sword fighting, if not as much as you'd like.
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