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Thought Id Put in a word


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I thought Id post something to get started out here. First off , Im pretty bummed that I just finished Towers of Midnight. I was triing to savor it and enjoy the story hoping I wouldnt read to quickly, and Memory of Light would be out before I finished. Hahah Not so Lucky!! The last 100 pages , I just couldnt put it down. Im probably like alot of you here , I started reading Wheel of Time when I was in my Teens and its been a On going Series for me through out my life. I think Brandon is Doing a Pretty amazing Job. Its really as though Robert Jordan is speaking from the grave. I do have some questions on a few topics thats why I'm posting here. First off, I thought Lanfear was take by the Aeflinn and Ellefilin ? Sorry for spelling , But in the end Rand has the Dream that the Dark one Has her?? Any Idea's . Second . Is there a Movie being made or all the Trailers and such just wishful thinking?? Last Who is the Myddrall who comes to Greandal in the end? Is he another Chosen Reserected?? Hopefully someone has some Ideas or answers . Thanks all



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Hiya Michael and welcome to DM. I think you will find that your questions are most likely to be answered in the General Wheel of time discussion forum.


There are lots of different orgs here be sure to check out the ones that interest you. :)If you are interested in Role Playing we have a group of Rpers too. Have a good time and welcome again.

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MichaelDarius - welcome to DM.


hope you have fun talking to and learning form all the other great people here.



In regards to your questions.




1. Lanfear was killed by the aelfinn and eelfinn - but we suspect her soul was taken by the Darkone and she was reincarnated in the body of Cyndane.

2. We have reports that movie is slowly beginning to be worked on but we dont have a lot of info and its not anywhere near beginning real production

3. The myrdraal that was shown was Shaidar Haran " the hand of the dark " who appeared in the later books. As far as we know he's just a myrdraal, albeit a very "special" myrdraal. He even bosses around forsaken.




I hope i have answered without getting anything wrong or giving too much away!


Take your time to check out all the different sections of the forum.



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