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Freebooter Bio for Viktor - CCed by the ones who don't like to be called Whitecloaks


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DM Handle: Arinth


Character Info:


Name: Viktor Remein

Age: 27


Height: 5-10

Weight: 165 pounds

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown




Viktor had been born into the menagerie or as close to it as made no difference. He was raised by the ringmaster and owner of the menagerie Silas Remein. He took his name and saw him as a father. He never knew what happened to his parents. They had either abandoned him to the menagerie, or died or been part of the menagerie but left it. Those who knew the truth were either gone or not talking. Viktor had abandoned asking questions. As far as he was concerned Silas was his father and the menagerie was his home. As he grew he learned all the different acts and developed close relationships with everyone in the menagerie. The women all felt sorry for him and treated him very tenderly and motherly. He learned how to take advantage and get extra treats. As the years passed he learned the art of being a ringmaster from his father and from time to time his father would let him announce the different acts to the crowds. He loved how it felt to be in front of the crowd with them hanging on every word he said. He also learned from his father the artful skill of dealing with and managing the unique group of individuals that made the menagerie. It took the skill of a juggler to make one person happy without upsetting another. One of the things that he was tought and firmly believed was the importance of appearance. No expense was spared by his father to ensure that he looked his absolute best. You had to look the part convincingly to get people to buy in. People came to the menagerie because of the escape that it promised from their mundane life. Things were still tough though. Life in the menagerie was not easy. There were towns that would not allow them to stop and setup. There were towns that ran them out as soon as they had the chance to setup and they constantly found themselves used as scapegoats for any petty crimes that occured while they were in town. Over time Silas got older and weaker. He turned over the duties of the ringmaster to Viktor when he felt that he could no longer adequeately perform. Viktor made sure he had the best care he could give the old man but eventually Silas passed away and Viktor found himself not only the ringmaster but also the owner of the menagerie.

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