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An Aes Sedai queen in Andor

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Slight risk of the thread getting off track but as it relates rulers I think it fits. The many times the WT have saved the world far outweighs this issue with Manetheren. Again instead of speculating lets look to the facts, Tetsuan had the issue with Eldrene. There is no other record of any trouble between Manetheren and the WT, so it was not an issue of them trying to take her down a peg. The Hall did not know, there was no deliberation, those are the facts.

The Hall must have known something, do you think that they would allow a trolloc army to march halfway across the world, be held at a river for however many days, without any eyes and ears from some random sister/ajah finding out? The fact is they all failed Manetheren, its just they used tetsuan as a scape goat


Durinax, as said earlier in the thread while the Hall knew Manetheren needed help, they did not know Tetsuan intervened to stop the help coming.

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Did they? Who aside from the three women and Birgitte know? Many still think that Elayne is pregnant by Daved Hanlon.

Siuan and Leane knew. No other Aes Sedai in Salidar knew IIRC. Their reasoning that Rand might use Elayne to get firmer control of Andor was quite logical given what they knew. He did something similar later on with Darlin.


From what I understand from your post, Elayne can simply chose to disobey the orders of the WT. But that will make her a rebel, and the Amyrlin can just take her ring away, which it be just a fashion statement if she can't follow the rules of the WT.

The Amyrlin and the Hall can't just take rings away and demote someone from Aes Sedai status. Shemerin was an absolutely unique case - the only one ever. The only way an Aes Sedai can lose her status is to be stilled or executed, and that happens extremely rarely too and is far too drastic a measure to take over a political disagreement.


Elaida didn't forced the Salidar rebels to return because they were too many.

But she ordered the spies to kidnap most of the lonely As they could find, and nobody had a problem with that.

Are you sure about that? The only one I can recall Elaida ordering to kidnap was Elayne, and she was Accepted at the time.


And let's leave the WT out of it for a second.

An AS as a queen. Bye bye any chance to an aliance with Amadicia or any other country in which the Children have control.

That's a bit outdated, since the Children are in control of no country and Galad is in charge of them, so the chance of an alliance is pretty good. But even apart from that, Andor and the children have always been at odds due to the close ties between Andor and the Tower - an Aes Sedai on the throne wouldn't have changed much in this respect.


A marat'damane as queen? Not very good considering half the map is under Seachan control. I don't see a lot of love between Andor and the Seachan territories in the future.

The Seanchan want to take over all countries and aren't interested in diplomacy anyway.


It was Tear or Illian where AS where not very loved? So a lot of cold from those regions as well.

Those are Rand's realms anyway, if he survives and remains in power,that would be the least of Elayne's problems. Plus as I said already earlier, there were good relations between Tear and Andor in Morgase's reign despite her close ties to the Tower.


On the other hand, being Aes Sedai allowed Elayne to make the deal with the Kin for them to provide free Healing and commercial Traveling in Andor - I really doubt they've agreed otherwise. The benefits of this deal could be huge for Andor and make people far less suspicious nd more positive towards channellers.

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Elaida forced some rules, but she also made a precedent. Now other Amyrlin can make the same decisions, because there were made in the past, and they didn't made lows to stop others from repeating them.


Because anyone will follow Elaida's precedent? :rolleyes: As David said the only reason it worked is because the AS accepted the demotion. That will not happen again. In addition we have aready seen Eggy institute changes to how initiatives are voted on in the Hall. There can be no more underhanded rush votes pushed through.


And since Egwene became Amyrlin, the position gained more power. Use of the Ajah spies...


One Ajah(Blue), and solely because TG is here. It is a war time power only...



Elaida didn't forced the Salidar rebels to return because they were too many.

But she ordered the spies to kidnap most of the lonely As they could find, and nobody had a problem with that.


This is a fabrication, it never happened. Nynaeve and Elayne were a specific order only relating to them.

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Actually, it's the other way around.

Andor needed a queen, but she refused to go to Caemlyn, and went to find the Bowl of the Winds instead(someone else could have gone instead). Rand had a lot of problems keeping things in order during that time, and Mat also lost a lot of time(he could have dealt with the Dragonsworn a lot faster/cleaner and save a lot of lives in the process).

During the struggle to gain support for her coronation, she had a lot of work dealing with the Kin, AM, Black Ajah, former damane, and was in danger to lose her life on more than one occasion, in matters not related to the succession.


Elayne was essential to find the Bowl of the Winds. Without Elayne, Aviendha would not have been in Ebou Dar. Without Elayne, Mat would not have been in Ebou Dar. Without Aviendha saying Elayne and Nyn had toh to Mat, Mat would not have found the Bowl. Elayne took a longer range view - find the Bowl save the world, instead of running to Caemlyn to become queen.


Your right Mat may have been able to clean up the Dragonsworn faster but he wouldn't have been able to meet and marry Tuon. I think that will be important in the AMOL.


Elayne can walk and chew gum at the same time. She can gain the throne and deal with the Kin, AM, Black Ajah, and former damane at the same time. She dealt with the Kin in a way that will increase the economic lives of the citizens of Andor. The Black Ajah would be a threat to Andor so dealing with them would be Elayne's job.


Manetheren is another example to prove that a queen who is also AS sets a very bad precedent and raises many problems, which in that particular case had extremely unpleasant results.



And rules can be bent/broken, especially by a skilled liar(read AS). Maybe a new oath with a Oath Road for both the queen and the acting Amyrlin to keep the AS and the throne separate and the queen to have the throne as her first priority, done in front of the court and the other leaders will eliminate some of the problems, but there will always be questions about these problems.


Why is Manetheren an example to prove an AS queen is a bad precedent? The AS have dealt just as dirty to mundane rulers they didn't like. Seems like Hawkwing had problems with the White Tower that killed a lot of people.

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