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I really dont get this fascination lately with reading about every single detail involved in the protagonists point of view. I wanna see my heroes be heroes, dag nabbit, not use the port-o-john.



I think some authors can make this work, and keep the hero part intact, or even give it more appeal.

For instance, Tyrion pissing from the top of the Wall in GoT(pissing over the top of the world as he call it) was totally epic, at least from my pov.


of course there is also the privy scene involving Tyrion and a crossbow hahahaha. but it's definitely a matter of taste. i could do without a lot of the NC-17 stuff found in ASOIAF. Although, now that I think about it, any adaptation of WoT would probably need to eliminate most, if not all, of the prevalent nudity...



Ahh, yes. "In the end, Tywin Lann did not..."

About the nudity, it depends. WoT has a lot less nudity/sex scenes than ASOIAF.

A stand alone movie can keep all the scenes in the book.

And if they make a miniseries(like HBO's GoT), preferably by HBO, they can keep all of it, and then add some(I don't remember the episode from GoT, but HBO actually added 5 minutes of screentime with LF explaining something while two of his 'working ladies' were playing with each other, a scene that is not in the book).

They could cut out the scenes with a bunch of old ladies(WO) talking in the sweat tent, but keep the rest.

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well across the series there are a lot of scenes that involve casual nudity. athan miere at sea, freshly taken gai'shain, sweat tents, etc...


GOT on HBO was just so down and dirty and gritty. I always imagine randland to be more fantastical, rather than populated by a bunch of dirty medieval peasants being trampled by raping and pillaging armies.


Off Topic, i know, but after watching GoT, I can only expect to be supremely disappointed with any TV effort for WoT. Production budget would just be too limited...even if they had "necessary" use in every episode!


slightly more on topic, i did see mention of "courses" lining up, (Elayne and Birgitte in WH:Prologue)

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