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Seanchan Bio for Tovinia Antlon - CCed by CotL


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Character Info


Full name: Tovinia Antlon


Age: 14 years old


Role: Damane


Physical appearance: Tovinia is of average height. She has long golden braids and brown



Physical weakness: She rarely smiles and that can make her face look hard.


Physical strength: She might not be considered beautiful but when she smiles she is very



Personality: Her experiences have made her strong. She is no longer afraid of anything.

Partly that is because she has almost given up on her life and dreams. She has accepted that

her life will never change. She is nice and friendly but she never gets really close to others.

She rarely smiles. All of this changes when she is with Keire and his family. With them she

feels safe and is happy. She smiles, laughs, cries and gets angry. They are the only ones that

know her true feelings.


Personality weakness: She has a hard time trusting others. It´s almost impossible to get to

know her.


Personality strength: She is strong and she is not afraid of anything.


Special: None.




Tovinia has grown up in a tavern not far away from the harbor in Tanchico. She has no

memories of her mother. Her father, the owner of the tavern, was left with a two year old

child when his wife died. You can´t really say he raised her because he didn´t show much

interest in her until she was old enough to be able to help out in the tavern. Many of the

waitresses that worked in the tavern ended up in Sevelf Antlons bed and he let them take

care of Tovinia. The constant stream of new “mothers” did that Tovinia never learned to

trust or get close to any of them. Why should she get close to someone that could leave the

next day? Sevelf had periods of heavy drinking and Tovinia learned early to stay away from

home as much as possible. When she was six years old she started to work in the tavern.


Tovinia loved to hide in the harbor and look at all the foreign ships and travelers from

all over the world. One day when she was hiding in the harbor and looked at the ships

being loaded with all sorts of mysterious things a boy found her. He was the only son of a

merchant. They got into a fight and the boy got impressed with her fighting abilities. That

was the start of a long friendship. They boy, Keire, often accompanied his father to oversee

the shipping. As often as they could they would hide somewhere and play or sneak up on

people. After a long time Keire finally talked Tovinia into meeting his dad. Tovinia had been

afraid of showing her dirty clothes and unwashed hair. But Morgam Selam, Keires dad, could

see beyond her appearance and greeted her in a way that no one had done before. Keire

had talked so much about his friend and his opinion was what was counted for. Eventually

Tovinia got invited to their home and there she met Zelde, Keires mother, who in a way

became a mother to her. Keires family was not noble or very rich but they were far wealthier

than her dad. While the tavern was a shabby place full of drunken sailors, Keires home was

full of love. Eventually Sevelf found out about Tovinias “new family” and went there to tell

them to leave her alone. He and Kerires parents had a long argue that Tovinia never heard

because she had firmly been told to wait in the garden. She never knew exactly what was

said but after that day she was made to work even harder at the tavern but she could also

come and go at Keires house as much as she wanted. Zelde became the mother that she had

never had and she looked to it that Tovinia had proper clothes, was clean and that she had

enough to eat.


Tovinia lived two lives. At the tavern she had to work hard and learn to cope with her father,

his lovers and the guests. She found a way to deal with the drunken sailors when they got

to close. No one argued with her when she got angry enough. Her father constantly put

her on place and was clear that her place was with him. Tovinia accepted it and although

she secretly dreamed about having the life that Keire had she had to realize that was a life

she could never have. She was a loved guest at his house, but still only a guest. But that


didn´t prevent her to spend all her free time there. Zelda learned her to sew and also some

reading. Keire and she could play or just talk for hours.


At the age of 14 Tovinia`s world suddenly changed. She had slowly come to realize that

she had fallen in love with Keire and one day he told her he was in love with her too. Both

knew that they could never have a future together but for two month they lived in a bubble

where dreams could come true. A hope grew in Tovenia. But one day the dream came

to an abrupt end. The seanchan had conquered Tanchico. At first it had been chaos and

everyone was scared of the intruders and their strange creatures and leashed women. After

a while the chaos settled, and when the dead were buried, life almost got back to what it

had been before the seanchan invasion. As long as they promised to obey, wait and serve,

the seanchan left them alone. The tavern was too shabby to get any seanchan guests and

Morgam sold his merchandises to the seanchan with good profit. But one day sul´dams

ordered every girl and woman on the street, where the tavern was, out off the buildings. The

sul´dams had collars of metal that they put on every woman. After each test the girls and

women got registered and told to go back into their houses. Tovenia was never told to go

back inside…

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