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Hi all. I am an avid fan of the WOT series and eagerly await the last book. I enjoy reading the posts here but I don't think I have the mindset to jump in on some of the topics. Anyone over 55 that wants to chat?

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I am over 55 and enjoy the series.

(Born May 15, 1940) and hope to last long

enough to finish it. :biggrin:

I have been reading the series since 1994.

I also enjoy reading the posts here.

Most of them.

Some of the replies which are basically;

"You are an idiot."

"Nobody cares what you think."

"Nobody cares."

"You are a troll."

and similar statements put me off a bit

but mostly they are readable.

The age of the poster doesn't seem to have much

to do with it though.

I enjoy variety and there is quite a bit of it

on this board.



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