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A little about me..


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Hi all

Im new to the forums and I'd just like to make a quick introduction


(and test my tag...it's poo... I know I mad it in paint)

anyway I'm just a guy from some place and well I've been reading the series since I was ten , thats been about eleven years or so now.

A dream of mine has always been to portray Mat in any sort of tWoT film or visual project.(I've already made my own audition tapes send out, who knows I mean it worked for frodo didnt it?)

I am currently collecting first edition printings the books (so yah hey if you've got extras i have currency)

I'm also trying to get myself some of the leather bound volumes.

I fell in love with the fantasy genre when i learned how to read. My father taught me single handedly armed with a copy of tolkien's LOTR to read and apreciate the art of the word.

Anyway I wont say any more now. That would make this post even longer and further discourage people from reading it.

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Me too,

Me too.


I've been dreaming since i was ten. Now I'm twenty-one.

If i wait untill god-knows-when, I know the day will come.

Maybe i'll be old enough to play Lan by then.....

ok ok well maybe Thom, I am rather skrawny. :<


Maybe if i get rich of of my own project i'll take a stab at a tWoT Massive-Mini-Series more like a tv serial or the biggest fantasy epic ever.

THAT is a project one could go broke ten times over on


well any way thanx guys ;>

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