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Heroes of Time Game


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Hello guys and girls!!!!

I'm looking to possibly make a free to play online Wheel of Time game. I'm looking for some outside help. I am trying to create an ability profile on some characters from the WoT series. I'm wanting these abilities to fit the character's abilities and personality. So some of the characters i'm looking to create to start off with are, Perrin, Matt, Mesaana, Logain, Lan and Moiraine. I'm trying to find as much info on these characters as I can. I just would like some outside opinions. :)Feel free to PM me if you would like to create some things to help :)

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I can make a game for my own personal use but, as long as I don't profit from the game, I can make it. If I wanted to start selling and making revenue, I would then have to ask for copyright permissions.


Tell that to the people who have been sued by the tolkien family.

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