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Suggest a game to me


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I'm looking for a strategy game similar to Warlords. I already have Master of Orion 1-2, Master of Magic, and Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance.


My concerns:

1. Relatively low requirements.

2. I have plenty of games where once you get a super-unit or a production advantage, the game is over. I'm looking for something where strategy matters as much or more than strength/number of units.

3. Hopefully available for direct download from Amazon, I'm not really interested in Steam.

4. I'm looking at the Total War series, either Shogun or Rome. It seems a tad bit too complicated for me, but if I can't get anything else, I'll probably go with Rome: TW.


Thanks in advance.

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For PC you also need to list your

Video Card

and your



Ram/Memory and OS don't really tell us much about what your pc is actually capable of running, However with only 2 GBs of Memory with Windows Vista, I'd probably put any pc game you play on the low end, or very low/crappy graphics, I don't know (until you post your Vid Card which I'm betting is an onboard GPU) what your true total memory of your pc is and all that other jazz...


Shogun 2 you probably wouldn't be able to play, However there is one very simple solution to this.


Download Demos off of Steam, and Fileplanet And in most cases, if you can actually PLAY the demo, you can Play the full game.


If you want a space game, thats Fight, Flight, Trade, Explore, I'd sugjest the X series. (X3:Terran Conflict, or the super box is my sugjestion there.)


On the strategy try Sins of a Solar Empire or Star Ruler.


If you want pure addiction, Minecraft.

There really are houndreds of sugjestions out there but without a better idea as to what your system is capable, that list will be fairly broad and until we narrow your system down we can't narrow the game selection down any.. Well except for Crysis-DX11 remix.

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Intel t3400 CPU, 2.16 GHZ

Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family (yep, onboard GPU.)


I'm tired of 4X (explore, expand, exploit, exterminate.) Plus, I have tons of those already I can play. From what I heard about Minecraft, it's like virutal legos. Mainly I just want something like chess where you can see the pieces fight and strategy is more important than production.


Yesterday though I found a Shockwave game called Hajime. Boring and simplistic, but I think that's enough of a fix for now. Usually whenever I get the craving for a particular type of game, playing it for a few minutes makes me remember why I stopped. :D


But suggestions are still welcome, e.g. Which of the Total War series has the least amount of gunpowder, or even siege engines? Catapults tend to be another game-killing super-unit. Mainly I want to do terrain-based military strategy with some function about flanking/fortification. Command HQ was great for this, each unit was 4 sided, and if you attacked from a different side, the damage was increased, with a front + rear attack being the most effective. Also, if you didn't move a land unit for 5 seconds, it automatically fortified its position, increasing defense.


Also, after playing Hajime last night, I remembered another annoying thing: the computer AI's death charge. I would love to see an AI that would fall back when losing, or avoid an ambush/bad terrain. In Hajime, they just sped along like a line of lemmings into my army, ignoring the units I sent across the water into their base.


Another feature I would love to see is X-Com's crouching. I know in the TW series you can form phalanxes, but from the TV show "Greatest Battles," it seems they stand around like mannekins waiting to get hit.

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