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  1. With a Saw pig head and some armor-looking pieces, you can pass for a trolloc easily.
  2. That's not the reason she has no substitutes. Essentially, getting Rand to the Last Battle in mostly one piece is why she has no substitutes. I don't think that anyone else could do it. Oh, I didn't see that in your main argument. To counter-argue this point, I would argue that Tam served the same purpose, and that if you are only talking about his physical, rather than his mental, health, Far Dareis Mai and even Moiraine would be higher on the list than Min.
  3. When you finish re-reading 3 of the WoT books during your breaks at work, and then sadly realize that you can't read them again since you still remember reading them last week. And then, after you finish re-reading book 4, you feel compelled to come back to DM to post a question you already know the answer to. And then, when reviewing your old posts, you feel like a bump of one of your old posts is not only necessary, but serves the public good.
  4. Personally, I'm sick and tired of these fake deaths by Forsaken. At this moment, when a Forsaken dies, it's extremely annoying to me since they can reappear at will, making their death a reading exercise rather than furthering the plot.
  5. As long as the series doesn't outlive me I'll be happy.
  6. I would disagree. Min can see the pattern's future. Other substitutes: 1. Ae/Elfinn. 2. Either terangreal used by Aes Sedai or Wise Ones. 3. Portal stones. 4. Dreamwalkers. 5. Foretelling. I think there's plenty of characters who can (or who possibly could) see the future of the pattern. The only difference though is that Min's are guaranteed to come true, while for everybody else they show possible futures...except for the Ae/Elfinn, who are also 100% correct. On the other hand, I just re-read ToM, and there was a discussion about the accuracy of Min's viewings. If the DO wins, her viewings lose their guarantee, because the DO would destroy the Pattern, and thus invalidate her viewings.
  7. I read the entire series once a year since 1999 or so to keep up my reading speed. It usually takes 4 days or so, 12-16 hours a day, the first 3 I usually finish in one day.
  8. I believe when he first gets it in book 4, it's described as wood.
  9. I believe it's in EotW where Moiraine describes the DO's prison being the pattern, and later books expand on what the pattern is made of. I read an interesting theory at theoryland about the nature of the pattern which collects the various evidence that the pattern is made out of souls and why. But, after asking this question, I thought it was silly of me to be thinking in 3 dimensions. :D Being inside the Matrix, for example, doesn't mean if you walk to the outer wall you can punch through to the outside.
  10. Elza had no problem leading the circle with Callandor at the Cleansing. I don't think she was doing any complicated weaves though, just blasting with fire.
  11. re: Stilling damane: when they are trying to shield a really strong channeler and the other channeler breaks it. re: Prefering slavery: so far, it seems that Avila is the only long-term damane who would prefer freedom, although we haven't seen the others taken with her or captured at the WT. Even then, she acts like a guard dog. re: Stilling = Death: the Kin shows that maybe a lot more stilled women survive than thought.
  12. Damane are treated like horses or dogs...what happens to a lame horse or sick dog?
  13. Hmm. This implies that the woman who handles saidin would need to be one of the AoL AS, i.e. Lanfear or one of the other female forsaken, otherwise they wouldn't know how to handle the flows, particularly one as large as through Callandor. This would pretty much eliminate everyone who was born after the Breaking. Unless the wondergirls discover yet another talent that was never hinted at before.
  14. Maybe the super-mistake-weapon-of-incompetence will reappear.
  15. The series already outlived RJ, it better not outlive me.
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