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At first I was going to ask about how the peoples of the books could have the same language, and only really be dived by accent, customs and phrases. But through some digging I found a lot of question asked to RJ and well, my question was answered there rather sufficiently.


This sent me thinking about other things, about when the language of the Age came into being during/after the Breaking. I recalled Rand's trip through the columns in Rhuidean in TSR.

From what I understand of it, while Rand was seeing the history of the Aiel through the eyes of his ancestors, he was also hearing their thoughts at the time. So when it comes to the Bore being drilled, and the Aiel leaving Paaren Disen, why are they thinking and speaking of "Da'Shain Aiel" and "Aes Sedai". Surely with them speaking in the Old Tongue, and the rest being in English - as such was LTT's conversation with Ishamael in the TEotW, with Ishamael being called "the Betrayer of Hope" - shouldn't they be speaking "one who is sworn to peace" and "servant of all"?


Is there something I missed that would have them speaking such?

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When it comes to names, it just makes more sense to keep it in the original language.


After all, if we read an English novel about characters who are speaking Japanese, we don't expect them to say "Eastern Capital" instead of "Tokyo", or "Attendant" instead of "Samurai".

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