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Galad's role in aMoL


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i really hope Galad wasnt only used as a means to tie up the perrin/faile/berelain and perrin/whitecloaks storylines i think that he has been vastly under-used. his character had so much potential for great storylines. i wouldnt say i particularly like him i think he is a great personality to have in a story. his doing "theright thing no matter what stance"could have led to sum real tragic consequences but was never explored to great extent

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King Arthur/Rand's knights:


Sir Lancelot = Lan = greatest fighter of all the Knights, #1 blademaster of WoT.


Sir Gawain = Gawyne = "is often portrayed as a formidable but brash warrior", #3 blademaster of WoT.


Sir Galahad = Galad = Galahad is able to conquer all of his enemies because he is pure. Also described as having incredible battle prowess. Currenty #2 blademaster in WoT.


I suspect that Rand and Ishamael will nuke each other in AMoL and somebody will have to bring back Rand. We shall see...



i agree that Lan is probably the no.1 swordsman in Randland but Gawyn and Galad not necessarily 2&3, Davram Bashere and Rodel Ituralde are also blademasters

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