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Daes Dae'mar - June 2011 Newsletter

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Welcome to the WT's monthly newsletter!!


What I have found this month is that with the increase of cold temperatures, which results in cold fingers.... laziness exponentially increases. I am looking forward to Summer already :sad:




PS. Let us know if you want to contribute to our Newsletter, either as a writer, information gatherer or just as someone to keep the rest of me entertained! >.> Well PM me if you're interested and I'll get you hooked up. We have all sorts of wonderful things :wink:

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The White Ajah have been holding their Month of the Greats quite fabulously this month!


Our Yellows were once again looking for talented people in their Photography competition. Let's hope we can feed our eyes on the results soon!


Missed any of the fun of the events??? Well some are annual and some that aren't also get repeated the year after, so just keep an eye out next year and make sure you don't miss it!






In June!

1st 2009 - Sou'vra bond - Elgee (Red Ajah) to Rasheta Ardashir (Green Ajah)

2nd 2008 - Sou'vra bond - Taymist (Red Ajah) to Nynaeve (Yellow Ajah)

4th 2006 - Sou'vra bond - Maria (Blue Ajah) to Niamh Sedai (Blue Ajah)

8th 2010 - Warder bond - MartaSedai (Red Ajah) to Millon (Warder path)

11th 2006 - Warder bond - Tiren Sormia (White Ajah) to Sir Direwolfjon (Warder path)

23rd 2008 - Sou'vra bond - Mystica (Red Ajah) to Kara J (Green Ajah)

25th 2007 - Sou'vra bond - Elgee (Red Ajah) to Kara J (Green Ajah)






The only raising to Aes Sedai this month was Zosime! Who was raised to a Sister of the Red Ajah(Yay Mentee!)


Quite a few raisings to Accepted:

Lessa Nikia





Some lucky Aspirations to the Blue and Red Ajahs!

Sakaea decided that she'd make a fabulous Blue! Congrats Sakaea and the Blues.

And we have two new bondings that will be celebrated in April!

And the two newest Baby Reds are Yelenia and Ahmoondah Sedai! Watch out while they test their new fangs :wink:


And we've had our first few Initiates choosing their paths.

Ithilian and Basel Gill decided on the path of Aes Sedai and Akealon has taken up the sword and wants to become a Warder.


We've had three bondings!!

Lessa Nikia and Wolfbrotherbonded each other. Bout time these two love birds got there!

Zosime snared Thorkin to be here first Warder!

And Thorkin finally bonded his thread-sister Lily!


Unfortunately we have to watch one of the awesome Ajah Heads step down this month. Nynaeve you will be sorely missed!


We have a new Master at Arms!!!! Congrats Fnorrie-worrie!!! :biggrin: - Soldiers and Manishma, I'm sure the Yellows will be willing to heal you....






Go out and mingle with all members of the site in the Social Group fair!!






We have a new Board Name!!! Yay for equality among the Warders Guild and Aes Sedai.

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Here are the Rest of the Empy Announcements - as promised!!


Still needing to be announced:

Newbie of the Year

Most Improved Social Group

Most Impressive Roleplaying Group

Most impressive PSW RP Writer

Best Roleplay Group Leader

Most impressive Revolution RP Writer


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I'm going to try and post the monthly report to the admins, here every month from now on. That way all of you, our members, can see what's been happening and what staff get up to. Hope you enjoy!

WT SG May 2011 Report



Current members: roughly 310 - I'm getting ready to purge quite a few (roughly 305 last month)

Active members: 56 Aes Sedai pathed + 30 Warder pathed + 18 Initiates = 104

Inactive members: 121 Aes Sedai pathed + 71 Warder pathed + 14 unknown = 206

Purged members: 1 new purging (2 last month).

New members since last report: 6 (10 last month)

Rykin, Genevieve al'Thor, Jack_D, Ariandriale, superreader, Ty


summary of activities for the month.

Staffie matters:

  • Planning the WT/Warders threads for the SG Faire and associated events at the WT/Warders itself has taken up a lot of our time this month.
  • We officially changed the name of our Social Group to "White Tower and Warders Social Group" - it was previously just the White Tower Social Group.
  • A few other matters are almost finalised now (see below)

White Tower & Warders Social Group activities:

Threads that were actively posted in during the month


Main Board(s):


Daes Dae'mar April/May 2010 - the WT/Warders monthly newsletter

The Foretelling Room

Who would you be in the Wheel of time - a personality quiz


Sub Boards:


Blue Ajah:


  • I Just Ordered . . . . Some Cochin and Australorp Chicks!
  • Sword Captain WT Tour!
  • on official orders of the new MaA I have come to thee
  • Extreme Couponing
  • retro-tastic

Brown Ajah:



  • Friends! Romans! Countrymen! (volke) - discussion on Ancient Rome.
  • Recent News.... (Jeannaisais) - about Osama bin Laden’s death. I monitored this thread in case it would get out of hand, but everyone behaved. :)
  • Why spellcheck is important... (Raena) - Hilarious misspellings on Facebook.

Gray Ajah:


  • Sword Captain WT Tour!
  • on official orders of the new MaA
  • Food Network


Green Ajah:


Red Ajah:


White Ajah:



  • Hang man Challenge!
  • Greats from the Biological, Physical, and Social Sciences
  • Quotes from the Biological, Physical, and Social Sciences
  • Greats from Philosophy, Theology, and the Humanities
  • Quotes of the Greats from Philosophy, Theology, and the Humanities

Yellow Ajah:




Welcoming the new MaA

Mum's Illustrated Guide to Sword Forms

Happy Top Gun day

Warder Word Association

Vanion, our Sword Captain, led a Warder tour of all the Ajahs

Damon Devilkin also toured the Ajahs, stealing their shifts.




Raisings or Announcements for the month (mainly staffish type raisings)


Nynaeve resigned as Head of the Yellow Ajah - Tigara was appointed in her place

Sakaea joined the Blue Ajah



Ithillian & Baself Gill declared for the Aes Sedai path and were raised to Novice

Akealon declared for the Warder path and was raised from Initiate to Algai.

Lessa Nikia, Sakaea and Christine were raised to Accepted

Wolfbrother was raised to Manshima.

Zosime was raised to Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah

Upcoming Projects

Staffie matters:

  • Various matters are under discussion at the Staff boards, including How to attract and retain members, the WT mission statement, etc.


White Tower & Warders Social Group activities:

  • The Brown Ajah Travel Event - end of June
  • The Gray Ajah Midsummer Festival - June


Tweeted this month:

White Tower wins the 2010 Empy award for Most Oustanding Social Group: http://tinyurl.com/3apvsl4 8 May

Enter the White Tower Yellow Ajah May pic competition! Theme this month is: WoT Architecture & Landscape http://tinyurl.com/6cosk66 18 May

Currently active events:

[Red vs, White] A discussion of color

The Trollocs are invading Tar Valon



I'm always proud of my staff, but this month has been special. Several of them were having a tough time IRL or were on LoA, and struggled to get to their reports. The others, from other Ajah Heads to the Master at Arms to the Sitters, rallied round and helped out. This, to me, is true White Tower / Warder spirit, and it just about brings tears to my eyes. Love my staff!!

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