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Most under-rated book in series


Most under-rated book in series  

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  1. 1. Which book do you consider to be most under-rated in the series?

    • Eye of the World
    • The Great Hunt
    • The Dragon Reborn
    • The Shadow Rising
    • Fires of Heaven
    • Lord of Chaos
    • A Crown of Swords
    • The Path of Daggers
    • Winter's Heart
    • Crossroads of Twilight
    • Knife of Dreams
    • The Gathering Storm
    • Towers of Midnight

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I suppose answering this post relies on knowing what everyone thinks about every book lol. Winter's Heart did not get my vote because I thought people would've loved it for the spectacular Cleansing that happened during it. That event, alone, makes the book stand out to me (every book seems to have such moments, like Dumai's Wells in LoC).


My vote went to Crossroads of Twilight - loads of people hated it, but I sort of enjoyed the awkward courtship/battle between Mat and Tuon. One of the best continuous references we've seen throughout the books are how our favourite ta'veren threesome always think the others know or understand women better than he does.


I hope we get one more of those references in the last book.

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I agree about CoT (even though I picked WH as being most underrated). My first read through series began in December of 2009 so once I finished WH, I went straight into CoT (since it was out) and right after that into KoD so there was no wait time so CoT really had a better impact on me than I'm sure it did to people who had to wait a few years until KoD came out

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