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hello all


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Hello everyone! I have been watching the forum for a while and just couldn't resist joining.

A little about myself: I am an american girl who has written several (unpublished)short stories. I have been a fan of WoT forever.

I have experience in several types of martial arts and love WoT for its very accurate swordsmanship :) I look forward to interesting discussions. (not entirely sure if I posted this in the right place)

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Welcome! That sounds really interesting, what kind of stuff have you written?

I loves swords so I also enjoy that.

And yes, indeed this is the place for introductions. The discussion boards are definitely very interesting, there are so many crazy theories, and awesome discussions.

Also, if you are so inclined, there are also the Social Group sections of Dragonmount, for most of the groups in the books.

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Shiael, no worries, you definitely posted your intro in the right place! And as such, welcome to the wonders of DM! I'm Jea, second in command of the social org Band of the Red Hand (which you should totally check out...we have this dice game you can play and have battles with other members, sounds like something you might like!).


Also, this site does seem to suck you in...I've been here going on 6 years now apparently (since October 2004, eek!). I'm also from America, but currently studying in Granada, Spain, which has been awesome and it's my last week


And I'm rambling but anyways, we're thrilled to have you here! take a look around and start jumping in wherever you see fit. You can join the various social groups, or go for some roleplaying or even just general book discussion, we have it all for the crazy WoTers :wink:

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well then. As an answer to you question, i write fiction/action stuff like that. who knows, someday you might see it out there.I definately am interested in the stuff you guys suggested. Can't wait for AMOL! :smile:

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