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long time lurker

Guest fangfluffy

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Guest fangfluffy

hi all,


i'd like to thank the many contributors at wotmania and here for providing much additional enjoyment to me over the years beyond the books themselves.


i'm sure i'm not alone in being a repeat reader of the series. I was introduced to it by my brother-in-law. initially i borrowed his copies but after TSR I invested in my own set.


I have the whole series including new spring. I role played for a while as a novice of the white tower. I am a bit obsessive by nature so I have lurked and read hundreds of discussions and theories on various sites.


In recent years I was a full time student working towards a law degree. I was saddened to hear of RJ's passing. I acquired TGS but did not read it until TOM was released. At that point I did a re-read of the entire series working up to TOM. It was worth the effort.


TOM was one of the most satisfying reads in years... not that the musty law books could compete... but eh i enjoyed it immensely.


anyhow, I am a committed longtime lurker and I thought it was time I fessed up.

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Welcome to the Mount!


I remember being a lurker, hiding in the shadows...But here I am, a former lurker greeting yet another former lurker :3!


Anyway, having been a lurker, do you have any questions that your observations from the shadows didnt or could not answer? If so I can answer them! Its my honorable job to answer your questions :3 just ask them here or start a private conversation with me :3!


But, while you think of questions, a question of my own. You said you Rped for a while, have you any interest in the Rp here on Dragon Mount? Our PSW (Portal Stone World) is quite a world to RP in as the Admins and Division leaders down there truly make it a wonder! You dont have to though, as I emplore you to look around the sight with your newly found not-lurker status and do stuff!


<Bows> Until next we speak. Have fun Storming the Mount!

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*Perks up and peers over the Wolfie's shoulder* ... RP? White Tower? hmmmm :biggrin:


Did you RP here, or on other sites?


Oh where are my manners ... welcome to DM! It's much more fun to join than lurk, btw - I did that for a few months too before taking the big step, and haven't regretted it at all.

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