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Hi there,


I must admit that I’ve been coming to this site quite a lot but never really thought about signing up as all the info I needed was here for me and all the question I wanted to ask,, someone already did so never really felt the need… Then I thought, hold up!! “I only know two people that love TWOT books as much as me and that needs to change!!” As well as, I want to talk about the film….


First though, how I came to find The Wheel of Time…


I was a late starter to the books, 2005…. (Good job I travel a lot with work), a friend loaned me the first book as I was about to fly and had left my then current book at work (which I never went back to by the way), I went on to go through the book like the “Arc of the Moon” goes through flesh.


And after reading the first two books I went and bought books three to eleven so that when I got to the next book and I didn’t have to rush around to find it, I knew I had it J quite sad I know and what makes it worse is that I also bought doubles for display purposes (Don’t like tatty books on show), needless to say my girl friend was a little concerned regarding this behaviour.


I also loved the audio books too, I think Kate Reading & Michael Kramer did a fantastic job and for me, they added the perfect voices to the cinematic view I had in my head of the WOT characters thanks to Robert Jordan’s gift to detail and story telling.


Now about the film….?? I for one can’t wait, as a huge fan I don’t care what format it’s done in as long as it’s given the respect its due, not rushed and sticks to the books as much is as realistically possible, that’s what DVD’s are for, add an extra hour or something there….? The last thing you want to do is get people who don’t know the series dreading sitting for over three hours in a cinema….. The film has to cater for everyone, the WOT fans are sadly not going to be enough for this film to break the box office and warrant a sequel (even if they go a few times).


Now, can anyone tell me something ironclad though? I’ve read a few blogs stating 2011 for a release and IMDB is telling me….. Err, nothing at all.



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Please do tell me that your name is not in honour of the Jonas brothers >.>


And great logic on the movie making.. I'll also just be happy as long as they don't mess it up too bad :biggrin:


Welcome to DM, and I'll see you round (hopefully. lol)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask any member really - most people here are super friendly :smile:

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Can’t believe you just pegged my user name…… Back to the drawing board!!


I wouldn’t say great logic, maybe good common sense? The biggest fear I have for the film is that the standard is already ready very high with the likes of Lord of the Rings & Avatar having done so well, its going to take a director with the Dark Ones balls to be brave enough to give this a go…. I just don’t know who could pull it off? Most people would say Peter Jackson could be the first choice? As he’s worked on a quite similar epic scale and would want to better himself but he’s gotta get over himself, he’s just end up getting rid of some of the main actors and then have to replace them mid film and that really ticks me off….


I think a team of Edward Zwick and Yimou Zhang with maybe the same location scout and casting stuff as used on Lord of the Rings…. You’re thinking who are these guys right? Lol….


Yimou Zhang has work on quite a few very large-scale films with huge battles and Edward Zwick would be ideal for the more hart warming scenes, as there is a lot of deep love in the Wheel of Time series…. That’s just my personal opinion on which I’d think would do a good job!!




The forth Jonas brother

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