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Welcome to the BT Pruthvish


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Ok well Pruthvish is my real name, which literally translates into "King of the Earth". I'm fifteen years old and I'm from India, living right now in Bangalore. *picks up a brownie, bites into it* hmm awesome!!! I need the recipe for these :biggrin: well Volke your prank might have been successful if you had noticed that my bags are actually still on my horse :tongue: I started reading WoT when i was eight and have been a HUGE fan from then. Well will that about cover it??

P.S. Thanks a lot guys for the warm welcome :biggrin:


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What an awesome name...'King of the Earth'...and you started reading WoT very young. you beat my daugther, she was 9/10 when she first read them, lol


My real name means 'Reaper' I'm sure they mean Reapers of corn and not the Grim kind.... >.>


those brownies are a special recipe of mine, with a little taint added in for good measure, lol

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Well you can get them from your fellow BT'ers :P


You can try the Arena for some game or can just wait for people to give them to you hah.


Points you've earned


This thread is where you can see how many points you've earned. People usually give them to you or award them to you for taking part in an event.


Point Spending!


And there is where you spend the points you have earned and turn them into One Power levels.


If you still have any questions after reading through don't be shy to ask again! I still haven't spent any of mine because I'm STILL a bit lost :D

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