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What I belive will be the result of the last battle


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First time poster, wanted to see if anyone had thought of this or mentioned this in some way.


Rand wants to kill the dark one, he said so to Morridin. Morridin laughed at the concept, basically saying what an idiot he was.


Obviously, there are some major problems that would come after the last battle, the biggest beign the Seanchan and their ability to chain female (and possibly Male soon) channelers.



So, this is what I see happening...maybe :)


What happens is basically what happened at the Cleansing. The WoT universe is all about opposing powers, the one power is made up of two opposing halves. You had the taint and Mashadar opposing each other (and then destroying each other).


The other major opposing force in WoT is the One power and the True power, the creator and the Dark one.


So, Last battle, Rand brings in the entire "one power" somehow, and "throws" it at the dark one. The power of the Creator and the power of the Dark one meet like matter and anti-matter, destroying each other.


And BAM, the wheel of time is broken, the one power is gone, time is no longer cyclical but now runs in a straight line (like current reality) and will eventually end one day.


The universe is finally freed from the threat and influence of the dark one, at the expense of the blessings and influence of the creator!


That event is our past, as we live in a world w/o true good or evil, and no One power or True power to tap into.

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I'm on the fence about The Wheel being destroyed, but its been my opinion for awhile that channeling and power use will no longer be possible after the last battle, thus stopping the advance of the "ever victorious flaming army" since their damane will be rendered useless. We've seen plenty of forshadowing of the rise of machines with the academies, the steamwagon, and now of course cannons, explosives and other projectile weapons. How that reconciles with what Aviendha saw in the visions in the glass pillars, though, is something for debate.

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Is this really going to be the LAST Last Battle or is this just the Last Battle This Time Around the Wheel?


This time is different from other Last Battles in two ways, so it really could be the LAST Last Battle.


First, Moridin has succumbed to the bleakness. Unlike Rand, Moridin never got a Golden moment and is now ready to destroy everything in favor of the Dark. Second, we have the formerly-Fain creature, the never-before-existing wildcard character which hates the Dark Lord as much as it hates Rand. So while we have Moridin trying to destroy the universe and the entire cycle of death-and-rebirth, we also have the formerly-Fain creature trying to destroy both the Light and the Darkness.


We already think we know the Good Guys are going to win because we know a planned Outrigger novel followed Mat and Tuon 10 years later. Unless, of course, the whole Outrigger series was based on hypothetical alternate ending, which would mean the Bad Guys might win after all.


It's going to be interesting.

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I would seriously hate an end without magic and the world going towards our world. That would really suck and I'd be disappointed if that happened.


We were the first age, they have a few more to go before they hit us. does not mean that magic will still be around though

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