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  1. Good luck to all, hope something watchable gets made someday.
  2. I appreciate the update, but you would think if a network was going anywhere with it, stuff would leak out about their research, hiring writers, etc. I think whoever owns the rights is still trying to decide what to do with them, and also waiting for Got to wind down as was said above. If it were HBO, it would make a lot of sense for them to keep mum and also could explain why theyve made pronouncements about when that series will end.
  3. I used 'traffic' instead of 'discussion', a poor choice on my part. I forget how long its been since I posted here. I'm sure the arrival of details will herald a new age of discourse among the fandom, perhaps as long and hotly debated as the one which preceded it.
  4. Am I the only one surprised by the lack of traffic in this thread? I realize not much is known at this point but it is more clear than ever that WOT on TV is going to become a reality. Personally, I dont care if the trimmer is a barrel stave or an Ogier saw, just please make whatever it is look cool and not campy. There is plenty of high drama if the performers take the material seriously. The magic is just such a central part of it that the production has to do it justice. You wouldnt really have to hit new audiences over the head with it in the first season though, which could help a production company gain time to justify the massive budget a scene like the battle of falme of The stone of tear or 'gasp' Dumais Wells would require. And i wonder what will happen with travelling, once they learn how to do that the patience for plot devices that prevent them from just bleeping going there will wear on the casual fan im afraid. As an aside, please dont be sony. Their higher ups wouldnt know a good product if it kicked them in the face. And second, I'll be interested to see if the showrunners try and take this decidedly pg13 world and darken it up just for the sake of it. Either way, im sure ill be watching.
  5. Thanks for that link Herid, that was 20 minutes of chuckles
  6. I always assumed the 2nd tool was the 'shadowspawn army given me to cause chaos' that was portal stoned in. Perhaps I didnt give Graendal enough credit.
  7. Seeing as speaking Mats name would "lower my the eyes forever" of a relatively high ranking deathwatch guard, the title appears to carry considerable weight. The way Fortuona waxes on about it in TOM only serves to support that IMO.
  8. Read TFOH 49 And LoC 14. To borrow from Stan Lee, "nuff said"
  9. Im starting to think unweaving has more to do with this story. After all we did have a chapter named after it, and Moridin completely tripping over the fact they were able to do it. Seems to match with RJs method of foreshadowing, and it gives Avi some more relevance as Rands third woman. She hasnt really done anything to help him since book 5.
  10. Um, what in the heck happened to Olver? I realize Talmanes had bigger fish to fry, but it was interesting that he wasn't even mentioned after such a big deal was made of him arming himself and heading off into battle like his beloved father-figure Mat
  11. Thanks for taking the time, Jason. The last embrace of the mother take you home.
  12. Anyone know if Amazon preorders (thinking about ordering through DM) typically arrive on the release date or a few days before/after? Im not doing it if I won't have it on release date, too easy to walk into Target or something and scoop it up and won't want to wait even another day by then im sure
  13. Ermm you do realize Rand purposely antagonized her to get this reaction correct? In addition she tried to hear him out and he refused, probably because as we know he doesn't have a plan past breaking the seals. He is hoping Min figures out the answers for him. She tried to hear him out and talk about it but he refused and pushed it off... ToM Lastly what makes you think if Min finds the answers that she won't listen to a rational plan and fall in line. If he explains his reasoning and what needs to happen and she still opposes him then yes we have a problem. As of now all she has done is been played by one of the greatest politicians from the AoL. Actually even though we as readers know it isn't correct Nyn concedes Eggy may be right. ToM Goldfish swimming amongst the sharks here, and you certainly have a point, but I thought Nynaeve pretty firmly reasserted her independence of thought when she walks out of her shawl test proclaiming right in front of the Amyrlin that she'll put her friends/loved ones ahead of the tower and that she'll be @ Shayol Ghul W/Rand whether they like it or not.
  14. Remember the massive BALESCREAM (love that word) at the beginning of KOD? The one that made Faile think she was going to desintegrate? That book is where all the really crazy stuff starts happening: the beetle vomiter and the Quicksand sinker in Shiota. The Tower, the Stone of Tear, and the palace in Caemlyn all have shifting corridors and dead people walking the halls, whatever he wiped out mustve been large or heavily populated.
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