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  1. The idea that the crystal columns in Rhuidean ARE the Jenn Aiel, transformed, had also occurred to me. It seems a likely explanation for why they disappeared so quickly and completely, without even a remnant to tell the tale.
  2. of course there aren't. The pattern was breaking at that time. dead we're walking already so why not dead jenn aiel? Aviendha was after all going to rhuidean. I think I saw someone speculate that the columns in Rhuidean ARE the Jenn Aiel, transformed in a process like Egwene and M'Hael were transformed. Now all someone has to do is create access keys to tap the power embedded in the Egwene and M'Hael crystals and, volia, we have the two great sa'angreals for the coming age.
  3. Has anyone revealed which portion of the ending is the part written by RJ himself so long ago?
  4. This whole end-sequence reminds me of what happens to David Bowman at the conclusion to ."2001 A Space Odyssey."
  5. Spread word to "our allies." Not to everyone. Just to allies. If it was a weave that could take the world apart, you'd want to spread word to everyone. No point in winning a war if you lose everything, unless you're Moridin. So I doubt the mystery weave is Traveling. And it doubt it's Balefire, because everyone already knows that one is dangerous. No, I'm thinking that it's more along the line of a weave that lets the other side know something you want kept secret, or leaves a trace the bad guys can follow. You want your side to quit using it, but not the other guys.
  6. "Nobody travels the Ways," Ituralde said, aghast. Is this because someone is suggesting Ituralde ENTER the Ways, or because someone else just EXITED the ways? My guess is that someone (Loial? Another ogier?) exited the Ways, having used them to reach Ituralde. We already know Loial is on the move and meets up with Perrin.
  7. The other half of the mystery quote is what would shock Tuon enough to say "Creator shelter us" in front of Mat or anyone else. Something she saw, like trollocs and myrddraal? Some message conveyed by Mat? Getting her a** handed to her by Egwene because the damane can't link to make gateways big enough to be useful? I'd like to think it was Tuon's reaction to being collared with an a'dam, but her response to that would probably just be screaming. And then killing anyone who witnessed her shame.
  8. Sounds like an ocarina to me. Those little flute-things... well, they're not really flutes... come in a lot of different shapes.
  9. So far as we've seen, the only people who can (could) use both the OP and the TP are (were) Graendal, Moridin, and Rand. I'm trying to remember. Was there ever a mention of using both the TP and the OP simultaneously? Or are they mutually exclusive? The only thing I can recall is the scene in Shadar Logoth where Rand was using saidin-balefire next to Moridin using TP-balefire, the streams crossed, and they both got whacked. At the time I thought it was because of a OP/TP clash, but now I'm wondering if it wasn't just a balefire-balefire clash. Rand mentions trying something really dang
  10. You can get the days remaining anytime, easily, here: Calculate duration between two dates http://www.timeanddate.com/date/duration.html Excel also has a function that calculates it, so you don't even have to be on line.
  11. To restore the Dark One's prison to the state it was in prior to the Second Age, merely patching or sealing the bore is not an option. The bore actually has to be un-made as if it had never existed. Lanfear's role may be to reveal what she did to create the bore, so that it can be reversed, unwoven, unmade.
  12. 91 days remaining until you find out, but only if you're willing to jump directly to the end of the book.
  13. Interesting. The idea that the Crystal Throne ter'angreal affects the Seanchan empress AND her subjects is one I've not seen widely discussed. But then again, I only lurk here close to book release dates so I may have merely missed it. Anyway... we know that the Crystal Throne compels the residents of Seanchan to raise their Empress to near-goddess status, to do anything for her and anything to win her favor including commit murder. It is entirely possible that when an Empress sits on the Crystal Throne she herself changed in some fundamental way, ensuring the unchanging continuity of the
  14. One flaw in this scenario: Michael Whelan's cover. Rand is entering Shayol Ghul linked to Nynaeve and Moraine, not Nynaeve and Alivia. Since the prophecy says three become one, not four, we can rule out Alivia being part of the circle but hiding behind a pillar.
  15. It has been my theory that Rand would somehow stuff Fain down the bore-hole to keep the Dark One occupied while he (Rand) sealed up the bore. The logic was that Fain (mortal) and the Dark One (immortal) would be attracted to each other until such time as Fain's substance/energy burnt out, allowing Rand sufficient time to do whatever he needs to do. Given that Fain represents the chaotic independent-source evil of free men, that could take a while. Based on the above comments, I'm now starting to wonder something different. Perhaps Fain's evil will be attracted, not to the Dark One, but
  16. Balefire: The ultimate small-beam precision laser surgery knife. Hey, we can combine precision balefire wiping out excess body fat with precision gateways trimming saggy skin! Who's gonna be first?
  17. Yes, this is what's referred to elsewhere as the Kindle ter'angreal, made in the shape of a RJ statuette. I wonder if it is a Brandon or an RJ idea, seeing as how RJ died 2 months before the first Kindle was released.
  18. Bela. Loyal, steadfast, uncomplaining, forgiving, hard-working. Always there to provide support when you need it. Sure, she's a horse, but she's a lot more faithful catch than the two-legged high-maintenance horse's asses of either gender.
  19. The biggest problem I have is that when I keep seeing references to "Chapter 11," an inn, and a lot of government oversight, I'm thinking the inkeeper is in the midst of a Bankruptcy "restructuring."
  20. Do you suppose the Androl we see at the BT is Logain in disguise, with one "hand" tied behind his back sort of like Asmodean was partially blocked, or with his ability masked? If so, the apparent block could be his own doing, contrived to reduce suspicion but able to be lifted without warning. We see plenty of times when the Foresaken used this ploy. Another possibility is that Androl is really Androl, but wearing some kind of transmitter ter'angreal which allows Logain to monitor the BTs status from a distance.
  21. The Dragon is a creature of the Wheel, so he is subordinate in power to the Wheel. Likewise the Foresaken. The combined strength of all of them could break the world (and already has) but still be insufficient to destroy the Pattern or break the Wheel. On the other hand, the Dark One is NOT a creature of the Wheel. The Dark One is the antithesis of the Creator, wholly capable of destroying whatever the Creator made, but hamstrung in his desires by being outmanuvered and trapped by the Creator. It follows that since the Dark One's prison is the direct handiwork of the Creator, and was m
  22. And I hope we'll find out January 8th. RJ didn't mean to tie everything up I believe. But perhaps there will still be hints as too what will happen. Yessss. January 8th. It's my Birrrthhhday Pressent, my Precioussss. It comessss to me on my birrrthhhdayyy, my Preciousss. (Seriously!)
  23. lol I almost spit out my tea. The post-conflagration connection was established in George Martin's work two years before RJ's untimely passing. One of the Maesters of the Citadel is Archmaester Rigney, who wrote that history is a wheel with all actions possible of being repeated over and over again due to the nature of man. And in the Southern part of Westeros we find Lord Trebor ("Robert" reversed) Jordayne of the Tor, whose family crest is a quill on a checkered shield with the motto, "Let it be written."
  24. Perhaps the Wheel will not be destroyed. Perhaps it will get knocked off its axis and stop turning, converting circular time to linear time. Or perhaps the wheel will continue turning, but the angle (course) of its rotation will be shifted enough to radically change the future.
  25. The problem with a continuously recycling Wheel of Time, if you're a Chosen, is that you will never ever get to be anything better than what you are/were. Demandred will always fall short. Lanfear will always overreach. Asmodean will always wimp out. Sometimes they'll try harder, sometimes they'll give up sooner, but no one will get the hamster wheel to reverse direction or fall down. Did you ever play with a gyroscope when you were a kid and feel how hard it was to tip a spinning wheel on its side? Which leads me to this... Maybe Rand's near-impossible dangerous solution WON'T be
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