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Welcome to the Mount!


The series is indeed really good! Its one of my absolute favorites and inspired me to become a writer!


Do you have any questions about the forums? Points of interest? What goes on where? If so please ask them of me or the other Mod for this board in this thread or through a private conversation! We are always happy to answer your questions and point you in the right direction!


But, also while you are looking around the boards feel free to look around the RP section of the forums! They are an interesting place to find unique story-archs and roleplays set in the Wheel of Time world and are always good for reading material!


Again, if you have any questions please ask them of me!


Until then, have fun Storming the Mount!

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Welcome to Dragonmount...the site for all us crazies to pretend like channeling is real, the Band of the Red hand does exist and all that jazz...among other geeky related stuff of course!


I'm Jea, and I personally recommend heading on over to the Band of the Red Hand social org. We have a great music theme, lots of fun and drinking and an overall good time! There is also the white tower, which is why you have been showered with green confetti (I personally go for the brownies, but that's just me :wink: ).


Overall, search around and find what fits your fancy! *hands the newbie some extra special chocolate fudge brownies and a brew tea* Enjoy and hope to see you around!

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