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Hey All!

David Casto

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Welcome to the Mount!


Its good to see a Lurker join up, and a new face around these parts! You will find (as you already know I bet from lurking) no end to the discussions here! But also look into the RP side of things :3 Lots of good stories down there! Even if you dont join reading the RPs is always fun since you never know what sort of insite you will garner from a diffrent point of view on the series!


This would normally be where I ask you if you have any questions, sadly however you will likely be one of the last people I offically greet as a Mod on this site. However, if you do have any questions please feel free to start a conversation with me at any time or with the other Mod who haunts this board :3 and we will be happy to answer your questions!


Until next we meet, have fun Storming the Mount!

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