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how am ya?


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Hi all,


Greetings from sunny Birmingham UK.


Longtime fan of the series and longtime anonymous forum prowler, finally thought i'd register and say hi and perhaps indulge in sharing some thoughts in a post or two. :D


hail and well met and all that.





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How am ya? REALLY? Coming from a brit? Shocking :biggrin:


Hehe... tis a colloquialism of the Brummie dialect, seems that my fellow Brummies have trouble with the present indicative plural of "be" and insist on using the singular first person indicative instead.


...in other words we're uneducated oafs. :biggrin:


Thanks for the welcome guys (or gals)

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Tis true that whilst 99.99% of my fellow countrymen wear bowler hats, carry the newspaper under one arm and raise said hats in greeting to every single person they pass in the street, sadly, i belong to the 0.01%..


Sorry for breaking your world view, will try harder!! :wink:

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