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Approved WK Bio for Shinon Phoenix - CCed by cots


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DM Handle: Volke


Character Name: Shinon Phoenix


Age: 16


Gender: Male


Place of Birth/Raising: Arien, Andor


Physical Description: Shinon has blood red hair, that is ends two inches below his shoulders. He usually keeps his hair in a ponytail tied with a length of cord. His eyes are a silver-blue with a hint of green in them. He is about 5 foot 5 height wise, and weighs between 130 and 140 pounds. He is thin, and looks weaker than he actually is. Skin tone is slightly pale, but close enough to normal that you can't tell at first glance. Tends to dress in dark green tunic, with a light green over tunic. Light brown (almost tan) breeches, with soft leather boots that come up to his knees. He also wears a pair of cloth gloves that over the last couple years of use have worn down to the point that he has cut the finger tips off of them, and he wears a leather bracer on his left wrist.



Character History: It was a stormy night, and it looked like the child's mother wasn't going to survive the child's birth. The father paced back and forth worrying about his wife's health. Alex managed to keep the mother alive long enough to safely birth the child, but she wasn't going to last much longer. At the sound of the child's crying the father rushed to the mother's side. What is the chid's name? Alex asked as the woman's pulse became fainter and fainter. The father looked at his wife anxiously as she managed to whisper. Shinon, his name is Shinon. and then she died. The boy's father took the baby in his arm's and thanked Alex for all that she was able to do. Then he stood with he child in his arms, standing by the fire Shinon, Shinon Phoenix. I don't know what your mother was thinking, but it is a good name. The father whispered as tears filled his eyes.


14 YEARS LATER Shinon was behind his father's cabin chopping wood for the fire. He had grown up as a loner int he town, almost an outcast among the other children because he had no mother. He lived with his father on the edge of town. His father came home carrying a a string of rabbits in one hand, and using a long thick branch as a crutch. He was favorig his left leg. Shinon my boy, I need you to go get Alex. I did something to my knee while I was out, be quick about it. Shinon ran for the Alex the village's wisdom house. When he reached it he knocked on the door and then walked in. He found Alex sitting in a chair crying with a piece of paper in her hands.


Miss Alex? Dad, he hurt his knee. Can you come help him please? Shinon approached closer. Miss Alex? Is everything okay?


Alex looked up a him Skylar, she's gone... Alex wiped her eyes then looked back at him as she stood up. Tell your father I'm on my way, don't worry I'll be right behind you.


2 YEARS LATER Shinon was heading into the woods. He seemed to be doing that a lot lately the last couple months. Today just like every other day, he entered the little clearing in the woods. He sat with his back against a tree and listened. He felt alone, almost as if he was lost and all alone in the world. He had felt this way for a couple months, it was about the time that he started felling alone that he noticed his hearing was better than it had ever been. He sat and listened as a deer stepped on a branch somewhere farther off in the woods. At the thought of the deer, his mouth watered and his taste buds imagined the flavor of it's meat. Light his cravings for meat had increased as well, not to mention they seem almost insatiable. He could smell the rabbits his father had caught earlier roasting over the fire, and the smell of the wood's smoke. Was something wrong with him? The cabin was a 20 minutes trek away. Shinon looked up at the sky, the sun was setting it would be dark soon. Shinon had never been afraid of the dark, but with in the last week or so his vision was getting better at night and that thought scared him. Could he be cursed? Or was he really as different as he had been told by the other while growing up? The sound of the forest life around him, and the scent of the tree leaves and animal life calmed him. He found himself dozing off. He dreamed of hunting a deer in the woods with his father. But lately his dreams had been filled with wolves. In some he was running through the forest and out on the plains, some of them he was hunting with the wolves at his side. He had been having this dreams for several weeks, but the dreams didn't scare him. In fact the made him feel at peace, like he belonged somewhere. In this dream he sat in his clearing, gazed at the moon's beauty as its light filled the clearing around him. He could hear a family of rabbits going to sleep in their den, and the birds rustle in their nests as they got comfortable for their night's rest. Suddenly there was a female voice calling out to him. . Shinon woke suddenly and looked around. He had a strange feeling, it was like something was pulling him towards it.

The image of a large oak with a small silver ball in front of it flashed through his mind. Shinon recognized the tree, and ran in its direction. The feeling became stronger and more urgent. Is anyone there? Hello? Shinon called out as he approached the tree. The Image of the tree appeared again, and ht felt as if he need to go to that tree. Shinon followed the path, and found himself standing in front of the tree. He looked around, and then finally down at its base, and there was a small furry silver ball laying there. A wolf pup? Shinon said as he leaned over and petted it's fur. You look weak. What's wrong with you girl? He asked soothingly. The Wolf's head turned and stared up at him. Images of the pup falling from exhasution, and deer fillled his mind. Shinon stepped back surprised. Are you doing that? How? His skin suddenly felt very warm. He noticed the wolf's head nod, he reached out and petted it again. The pup's body was hot. Your sick. Shinon said before scooping the wolf up in his arms. I got you don't worry. I'll take care of you. Shinon whispered to it soothingly as more images of deer, and the scent of roasting meat filled his senses. You must be hungry to. I'll get you some food, but first we need to get you home. where I can take care of you. Shinon carried the wolf pup back towards his cabin. When he got close to it the wolf pup squirmed weakly trying to escape his arms. No! The pup said as an image of his father entered his thoughts. NO!. Shinon froze in his steps stunned, the wolf pup had said something. Somehow Shinon felt as if he understood waht the pup felt like. After all had never felt as if he belonged there, and he had always been picked on by the other kids. Not to mention his father would be furious for Shinon staying out so late. Fine we'll stay here. but let me get something to make you better. Shinon said setting the pup down, the image of roasting meat filled his mind and I'll bring you some food. Shinon walked off towards the cabin still shocked by the last few minutes. He peeked inside the vain door. His father was asleep and there was a hunk of meat at the table for him. Shinon slipped in quietly. He grabbed his hunting knife and bow. then he grabbed some of the herns his father kept around in case one of them got sick. On his way out Shinon grabbed the hunk of meat. Shinon stopped at the door and looked over his shoulder at his father sleeping in his chair. Shinon felt torn about leaving his father, but for some reason his heart urged him to leave. Goodbye father Shinon whispered before he wlked out the door. He ran back to where he had left the pup. I'm back, and I brought medicine and food. He knelt beside the wolf pup and cut off a piece of meat for it. The pup ate it slowly, but hungrily. Shinon took some herbs form his bag and crushed them with a rock. Here eat this. it will make you feel better. Shinon said offering the herb to the pup. I'm Shinon. He said as he rubbed the pup's head. An image of the moon entered his thoughts. Shinon looked at the wolf pup confused. Moon? is your name moon? He asked. The Wolf stared at him and shook it's head, and then the moon image appeared again. Luna? is it Luna. The pup nodded her head and crawled closer to Shinon. Shinon petted her fur, and found himself falling asleep again. Luna huh. He whispered to himself before closing his eyes and falling asleep. Luna curled close against him and slept. The next morning Shinon woke to his father calling for him. Luna looked at him. Shinon suddenly felt scared. Luna got up and stared towards the cabin as the image of Shinon and her running throught the woods filled his thoughts. Shinon looked over at his father who was searching around the cabin for him. Then he looked down at Luna who was whimpering. With one final glance at his father Shinon said, Yes Luna, we'll go. As Shinon and Luna left the town. Shinon couldn't help but feel bad about leaving his father behind, but for some reason he felt as if Luna needed him more than his father did. So Shinon left with Luna. The one thing in life that needed him most, and the only thing that made him feel as if he belonged somewhere.

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the bio in general seem fine


but the history of the phonix is not part of the wheel of time'verse and thus would have no meaning in life resurecting from death, dont have an issue with using it as a name, but adding in history that dont belong, wot got its own consept of one age being born out of another as the wheel turn


basic gist using it as an ordinary name is fine, but it has no meaning because there is no phoenix bird or myth of one in wot'verse so the reference to its meaning of rebirth doesnt make sence, because it wouldnt

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