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Approved BT Bio for Tomoyuki Sarenda - CCed by the WT

Arath Faringal

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Character Name: Tomoyuki (Tomo) Sarenda

Nationality: Arafellin and Cairhienin

Age: 19

Physical Characteristic: Tomo’s eyes are a deep brown, nearly black. They are rather narrow and are always alert to his surroundings. His hair is short and black, with a tendency to feather and spike on its own around his scalp. Two very thin braids trail from the nape of his neck and over his shoulders in the Arafellin style, but still with his own twist. He inherited his mother’s Cairhienin height and is rather short for a male, at only 5’6” tall. Tomo’s wiry body does not weigh much at around 140 lb.


Physical Description: Tomo, while having blood of both Arafel and Cairhien, the traits of his mother’s homeland, Cairhien are more noticeable than his Arafellin features. He is rather short with pale skin and deep brown eyes that are narrower than those of Arafellin heritage. Perhaps the only thing that indicates his Borderland heritage is the pair of braids slithering from the back of his neck to his rib cage. Rather than using all the hair on his head, though, he uses the long hair from the bottom layers to braid. This is because when the rest of his hair is braided, it looks messy and not at all like he wants. He constantly wears brown leather armbands that his father gave to him for hunting excursions.


Personal History: In a rather ironic weave of the Wheel, Tomoyuki’s parents met in Tar Valon. His mother was the daughter of a Cairhienin seamstress and his father was an aspiring Warder. Before his father had a chance to enter the White Tower to pursue his ambitions, however, he had a rather nasty tear in his cloak. Wanting to make a better impression, he stopped by a seamstress’s shop. He was quite taken with the young apprentice, and she with he. Deciding against his future as a Warder, Tomo’s father married the young woman after a short courtship and the pair moved to a small town in Cairhien. Tomoyuki was born two years later.


As the boy grew, it became apparent that he was rather sharp witted and was constantly alert to something to comment on. His father took this alertness and applied it to hunting. Tomo did not see much use in hunting, as his father was better than he and he certainly wasn’t interested in being a tailor. However, the life of a scholar wasn’t what he wanted, either. His mind was constantly going at an alarming rate and he incessantly said what was on his mind, becoming somewhat of a cynic. On a few occasions, he would accompany his father on hunting excursions and tried his hardest to exhibit control. However, he was always too flighty to wield a bow or a lance to kill anything, so he ended up helping his father skin and clean the animals.


His ability to channel the One Power became known to him in the dead of winter, not even a year ago. He and his father were hunting in the woods around the village where they lived, and Tomo was determined to prove useful this time and insisted that they split up. His father agreed rather happily and they split ways. Tomo wandered farther and farther into the forest, looking for any sign of movement, concentrating on his surroundings and blocking out everything else. He was so concentrated on the forest that he ignored the sky and before he knew it, the sun had disappeared and he could no longer see five feet in front of him. Frustrated and realizing that he was tired, the young man drew his coat around him and decided to try to wait out the night. Squatting on the ground, he shivered himself to sleep. He woke up close to dawn, finding ice matted to his braids, his cheeks, and his nose. Drawing his cloak tighter and tighter, he concentrated on warmth. The harder he concentrated, the more the snow around him melted away and the more heat he felt around him. After a while of this, his mind suddenly felt what seemed like waves of chaotic feelings. His head filled with rushes of ice and fire, streams of lightning assaulted his thoughts. The edges of his cloak burned as he tried as hard as he could to let go of this feeling. When he finally did, he found that he had risen to his knees, his hands had grasped his head, and he had been screaming a wordless scream. He fell to his hands and passed out with exhaustion. At least he was warm.


When he awoke, he was back home. His father had gathered a search group and had found him in the middle of a circle of damp ground. His mother and a few of the other women had fed him warm food and given him fresh clothes and a warm bed. That night, he thought about what it might have been that had caused that feeling in his head and the melting of the snow. The only thing he could think of was the unthinkable, that he was a channeler. The next morning, he did what he felt was necessary. When his father went hunting once more and his mother went to meet with a client, he left, not wanting his family to suffer on his behalf.

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