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What's up you light-forsaken sheep-herders?


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Hello, just finished a FULL-re-read (up to aMoL), and am now fiending for WoT related conversation. Lo and behold, I log on to my old lurking grounds, wotmania, and realize it's gone. Ah well, new author, new site, yes?(<--thats my tarabon accent)


Just thought I'd say 'hello', so that no one was shocked when I throw in my random two-cents in on any topics.


Hmm some thoughts that define me as a WoT-fan:

-hate egwene. of course, who doesnt, I actually made a list of quotes from the two new books as I read them that would further my cause of spreading contempt for her attitude... but alas, had to re-install my OS and forgot to save it! I can see though that we need her storyline for the full extent of the POV's in the world. Her POV, her very psychology, sums up what it is to be Aes Sedai... modern Aes Sedai, that is. Cold, totally un-caring of anyone, always trying to wrap the entire world around their schemes, and "tie them to the tower", as she is trying to do to the Sea Folk Windfinders and the Aiel Wise Ones. I just cannot stand her, every MALE character in her vicinity is consistently wrong wrong wrong wrong. It is frustrating to even read her POV. I hope Rand slaps her right in her mouth come Tarmon Gai'don.


-love mat. as a fan of norse mythology(i have both gungnir and mjolnir tattooed on my arms), as soon as mat hung from the tree I knew where his storyline was going, plus the two ravens on the ashanderei, the inscriptions 'thought' and 'memory' on the blade, giving up 'half the light of the world', and just his plain gambling, dice-throwing (rune-throwing), trickster nature, I knew he would be equated to Odin. I love the fact that the way Jordan made his world, it could be us in the past or even the future, and that MAYBE the basis for some of OUR old gods are these characters. head-effin-blown. Still even up to the most current book, when I get to a new chapter, and I know it's going to be Mat's POV, I get excited, never a dull moment with Mat and the Band of the Red Hand!


-I don't hate faile. So many people do, and I never really understood it. I can honestly say, even with all the blahty-blah, Berelain/Faile/Perrin drama and games, she always struck me as on of the most straight-forward of the female leads(Next to Nynaeve, of course.). Faile seems to be very grounded, and a badass in her own right. Also she was necessary to ground Perrin and teach him to accept the responisbility thrust upon his shoulders. No spoilers, I'm just going to point to the prologue of tGS, yeah... she's a badass... nuff said.


-favorite scene: Dumai's wells. Ah, good ole Dumai's wells, before the Asha'man were bogged down by their own monotonous politics and factions. Back when I was excited to read any POV relating to the Black Tower. I have used this scene to describe the amazingness of this series to at least five people. "ASHA'MAN KILL!" Also, it was one of the first times the world of the wheel saw that Aes Sedai could be subservient just like everyone else... "kneel and swear to the the Lord Dragon, or you will be knelt."


Well that's all for now.


-son ov nothing

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Welcome fellow newbie!


Wow, it shocks me how many people dislike Ewgene. I must be in the small minority. I do think her story line is pretty gripping, Agree about the whole needing a slap thing although ;) Doing the WOT re read right now and it is amazing how many personality clues there are about her in tEotW that I totally missed first and second time round.

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Welcome to DM Sonov! I am pretty sure there are loads of the old Wotmania members here - maybe you will run across a few.


by the sounds of it you have been reading WoT for quite a while? It one of those series i can never get sick of - i think i will be re-reading it forever :)


Anyway take a look around the boards, dive into any threads that take you fancy and yell out if you need a hand with anything.



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@eowyn: I don't know what it is about Egwene, I just hate her flaming guts, haha. I think in Jordan's head, one of his running jokes was that 'all women think they know better than men', and he constantly throws those internal monologues in of all the female leads shrugging off sound advice from their male counterparts. Nynaeve, Cadsuane, Elayne, especially. For some reason though, with Egwene it just grates on me. I don't know, maybe I just hate Aes Sedai!!! But that's why I love this series, the fact that I can feel a burning hate for a fictional character is testament to Jordan's ability to pull us into his world! :)


@amadine: Heh, with wotmania, I was definitely a lurker, even though I frequented the site for years, I don't think I ever made a post. I was like the creepy guy at the bar scoping out the scene. Hahaha. I've been reading WoT since my freshman year of high school, which was 2000. We were doing book reports for English class and could pick any random book, I was in the sci-fi/fantasy section of barnes&noble, randomly chose Eye of the World, and the rest is history! I must have Mat's luck, I guess. :) Yeah, I will never stop re-reading this series, every time I discover something new.


Once again, thanks for the welcome!


-son ov nothing

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Welcome to DM! :biggrin:


Well, I completely disliked Egwene for most of the series, until I read The Gathering Storm. I am still not a huge fan, but the dislike has gone. Maybe you could say I grudgingly accept her as a character.


Now, since you like Mat and the Band, how about joining the legendary group in the Social Groups? Okay, I will admit I am biased since I am Mat reborn, and I do my best! lol! Feel free to drop by our Campfires!


Don't hesitate to ask us questions about the site. We will do our best to help you out.

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