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Ebooks in Canada


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Heya, sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but I tried a forum search, and my google-fu brought up nothing.


I'm thinking of getting an ebook reader. I noticed amazon.com has the WoT books in kindle format, but amazon.ca does not. Does that mean, since I'm in Canada, I won't be able to buy the WoT ebooks? I admit I am entirely new to ebooks so I'm not too sure how stuff like this works, if there's licensing issues or if I can just pick them up off of amazon.com once I have a kindle.


Since WoT is the main reason I'd be purchasing an ebook reader (I do a lot of traveling and would rather not lug around 13 (14 in 2012!) books, half of which are hardcovers, if I can avoid it), if I can't purchase them if I live in Canada, there's really no point to spending the $120+ dollars on one.


Thanks :)

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You need not worry. Canadians can make purchases from the Amazon.com Kindle store. And your Kindle (latest generation) travels with you wherever you go (worldwide). As long as you have a wifi connection (or if you buy the 3G Kindle, whenever you're within cellular coverage - world maps available at Amazon.com), you can buy books as if you're still back home in Canada.


If it sounds like I work for Amazon, it's just because I really like my (not so new anymore) Kindle.

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