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  1. From Sanderson, the only other books I've read is the Way of Kings and Warbreaker. I've yet to read Elantris, Alloy of Law, or his other works. Warbreaker is a great standalone. It's a fun read, not too heavy. As with most of Sanderson's books, there's some very nice twists and reveals in it. I'd definitely recommend it if you're looking for a single book to read. The Way of Kings, the first book in Sanderson's Stormlight Archives (and the only one published currently) is a lot heavier. Multiple character viewpoints and plots, most of which don't resolve during the first book. For this book Sanderson had already completed The Gathering Storm (and I think ToM?), so he had a LOT more experience with writing a LARGE epic story, and it shows. If you don't mind the waiting for the next book that goes with starting a large fantasy series like this before it's finished, then I recommend it as well, as I believe the story has a lot of potential.
  2. You won't find many Goodking fans around these parts. The story is a complete WoT rip off and the guy is a total kook. Agreed. I read the first book and half of the second of the Sword of Truth. I just couldn't continue. If it was only three books in the series, I may have suffered through just because I hate not finishing something I started, but all THIRTEEN? Anywho, as for actual suggestions, I'm going to 2nd the recommendation for Jim Butcher's books. The Dresden Files series is a great work of modern fantasy IMO (although the first few books are good, the author gets a lot better from the 3rd-4th book on, and the series really takes off) Also, another recommendation for the Mistborn series. Or if you want to start an unfinished series by Mr Sanderson, The Way of Kings is the first of his planned 10-book series, and its a great read. For myself, I'm just about to start the Assassin's Apprentice, by Robin Hobb. I've heard it's a good series to get into too. I guess I'll see :)
  3. Heya, sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but I tried a forum search, and my google-fu brought up nothing. I'm thinking of getting an ebook reader. I noticed amazon.com has the WoT books in kindle format, but amazon.ca does not. Does that mean, since I'm in Canada, I won't be able to buy the WoT ebooks? I admit I am entirely new to ebooks so I'm not too sure how stuff like this works, if there's licensing issues or if I can just pick them up off of amazon.com once I have a kindle. Since WoT is the main reason I'd be purchasing an ebook reader (I do a lot of traveling and would rather not lug around 13 (14 in 2012!) books, half of which are hardcovers, if I can avoid it), if I can't purchase them if I live in Canada, there's really no point to spending the $120+ dollars on one. Thanks :)
  4. Probably because losing it while saving Moiraine would be the most heroic way to lose it, so everyone latches onto that reason. Losing it while testing or using the prototype dragons? Kinda anti-climatic for our dashing rogue
  5. I would advise NOT reading New Spring before TGH. I'd suggest reading it after Crossroads of Twilight (CoT was published in 2003, NS was 2004). The reason being is even though there are NOT alot of spoilers in NS, you still see a number of characters you know from the series. It also covers some of the plot from the main storyline that you don't learn about (at least, not in detail) until further in the series. Reading NS before you even meet some of the characters and know their significance in the main plot, or before you know certain events that happened/are happening in the main plot, would take away from the impact of some of the events in NS, IMO.
  6. I started reading WoT after WH was released in paperback, and I re-read the series once before each new book, so counting my current read-through (im on tGS), my count is... EotW - 5 tGH - 5 tDR - 5 SR - 5 FoH - 5 LoC - 5 ACoS - 5 PoD - 5 WH - 5 CoT - 4 KoD - 3 tGS - 2
  7. I'm currently on chapter 15 of tGS. 35 chapters left to read in 8 days, so 5 chapters a night will give me a day breather. I think I timed my re-read quite well
  8. I've always thought LLT's voice was Rand "remembering" LLT's life similar to how Brigitte remembers HER past lives. Allow me to explain... Brigitte was a different person each of those lives, with different personalities (implied when she stated her and Gaidal Cain didn't always start off loving each other. Some lives they hated each other,etc), with different experiences and such, yet because she was ripped out of TAR, she remembers them all. Does this make all those lives she lived previously seperate people? Technically, they're the same soul. She WAS those people in those lives. That doesn't nessecarily mean she IS them still. She is the soul reborn of all those past lives. So is Rand LLT? It's the same soul, but Rand is Rand. LLT is dead, he died thousands of years ago, his soul went back into the pattern and was reborn as Rand. Therefore, they are the same soul, but not the same person. For whatever reason, Rand started to remember one of his past lives, similar to Brigitte remembering hers. I believe the LLT "voice" was created by Rand's subconcious (and partially due to the taint) as a defense mechanisim to deal with these memories. I've recently been doing my latest re-read in preperation for the next book, and I've taken the viewpoint that LLT was just Rand seperating his normal self from his "taint-crazy" and these memories. Anywho, that's how I view the whole Rand/LLT subject. The voice Rand heard was just his way of dealing with these memories he was starting to remember. It wasn't actually a seperate person talking in his head, just as Brigitte's memories aren't other women in her head giving her info.
  9. Well, if you believe Prophecy, Hawkwing HAD to have been defeated to give the Seanchan reason to come back to Randland to attempt to re-conqour it, thus giving our heroes the chance to fullfill the "bind nine moons" and "south and west must be as one" prophecies (among others I may be forgetting). If the world united under Hawkwing, and stayed united until the Last Battle, alot of these prophecies would be moot. Would the Aiel made it to Dragonmount to give birth to Rand if the Hawkwing Empire still controlled Randland? Would Lamen(sp?) even have cut down the tree of life to make his throne in the first place if Cairhien was part of the Hawkwing Empire? Since the prophecies existed BEFORE Hawkwing, you'd have to assume that everything up to this point has been more or less "just as planned" (barring any minor alterations by the Shadow that the Pattern would then attempt to correct via Ta'veren and whatnot). Not too sure if any of that makes sense, I'm kinda lacking sleep atm so my thoughts are somewhat scattered.
  10. That he's not a main character :P
  11. I'd have to assume their copy always had the Crystal Thrones part and NOT the Daughter of the Nine Moons part (or, it was changed very early on). My reasoning is this... Assuming the Randland version is the TRUE version, then there would HAVE to be a Daughter of the Nine Moons, correct? Since it's a Prophecy and all. Well, If the Seanchan's prophecies had the "Nine Moons" part in it, then they WOULDN'T name their court "Court of the Nine Moons" or their heir "Daughter of the Nine Moons", would they? So obviously (to my thinking) their versions have NO mention of the Nine Moons in it. So it must have been altered before/during the crossing. Thus, their society developed with no knowledge/rememberance of the "bind nine moons" part. But since the Randland version IS true, the pattern demanded a "nine moons", etc etc. I personally like the theory of Ishy messing with Luther's versions of the prophecies.
  12. I don't know if there are any specific discussion threads on whether Bashere is a DF (though if there are, I'd like to read them too :P). I've suspected he could be a DF simply because he's too awesome NOT to turn out to be a bad guy in some plot twist.
  13. After lurking on these forums for over a year, I finally decided to sign up because of this thread. I know it was said previously, but I really hope no one spoils anything for you. Perhaps you can edit your original post to update the link to your previous thread, since it doesnt work now post-DM8.0. Assuming the previous thread still exists, that is :)
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