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Greetings. :)

Kwom Masbag

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Greetings, fellow WoT fans. :) *bows* I've not read the introductions of anybody else, and so do not know what is expected of me. I'll give it a go, though. ^_^


Lessee...I've read all thirteen? Fourteen? Anyways, all of the WoT books so far, and loved them. How could somebody not? I also dabble in writing somewhat, myself, and so if you play your cards right you might get to see some of my work. ;) If I join one of the RP's on here, then you'll definitely see some of my work. :) I frequent a website called the Spore Games Board, where we participate in RP's, CYOA's, Spore Games, and myriads of other fun activities. The drawback? There's a maximum of a dozen active members at the moment...rather sad. So that's another thing that I might invite some people to, once I get to know you. :)


Ehm...I think that might be all for now. If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask. ^_^


Tai'shar Dragonmount!


-Kwom Masbag

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Why, thank you Elgee. :) Glad to be here. ^_^


That's a very good question, with a lot of answers. Truth be told, I would honestly be interested in any type of character, from an Aes Sedai, to a Warder, to an Asha'man, to just a simple soldier, though my experience with female characters is severely limited. I've only actually written for two characters in the past, though I used one of those for at least...a year and a half. Maybe two years, and over one hundred pages. :) I'm actually leaning more towards a Warder right now. Any Sisters in need of a Gaidin? :D


Edit: Oh, I just saw that the Warder and White Tower RP's are seperate. That seems rather...strange to me. Ah well...what can be done? ?:)

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It's just the Chain of Command and the Out of Charater (ie planning, etc) boards that are separate for the Warders and the Aes Sedai - we tend to (obviously) RP together quite a bit :wink:


And there are always Aes Sedai looking for a Gaidin - in fact, you might want to keep a wary eye out, or you'll find yourself bonded before you can blink :biggrin:


But seriously: if you're interested in making a Warder or Tower Guard character, have a chat to Devon - he's the boss over there. Visar could also help you out in that regard. PM them or just go post in their OOC board, here: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/forum/68-warders-dr-rp-group/


I presume you've found The Welcome Inn? There's a lot of info there.

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