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Padan Fain


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Q: Has the Padan Fain/Mordeth character been present in previous Ages, or is he unique to this particular Age?


RJ: He is unique to this particular Age. A very unique fellow, indeed. In some ways, you might say he has unwittingly side-stepped the Pattern.



I was searching around for a topic that discusses Fain, and couldn't find one, so decided to make my own.


As RJ said, Fain is unique to this Age, this leads me to believe that he will be instrumental in the Last Battle, key word here being Last. Personally, I think that Fain will somehow lead to the final and eternal death of Shai'tan, leading to, in a sense "breaking" the Wheel of Time into a linear timeline, similar to our reality.


I mean, what's the point of writing this whole epic series to have the whole thing forgotten again, with no actual ending to the battle between the Creator and the Dark One. Something is unique to this turning of the Wheel, and Padan Fain is the key.



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I think the same as you. Either Padan Fain's "power" or whatever it is, is used to destroy the DO (and possibly the recycling of the Wheel, changing it to linear as you suggest) OR, Padan Fain will replace the DO in the prison.


However, I think it's important to note that Mordeth is NOT unique to this Age. He is the DO's "ancient enemy." It is the character of Padan Fain that is unique because he is half-mad from the DO's "distillation" + half-mad from becoming Mordeth = fully mad new baddy.

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