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White Tower song


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Hi everyone.


A few days ago i remembered a song that i used to listen to while reading for the first time the WoT books. This song brings back a lot of memories with it, including this amazing feeling you got when you first discovered all this story.


Unfortunatly, i don't have this song anymore, and it's title brings so many answers in google that finding it there is almost impossible (and i put "almost" here only because i don't like the word impossible).

I downloaded this song for the first time 8 or 9 years ago on one of the first WoT dedicated sites, www.wheeloftime.com. It was on the main page of the site, with another song, "Dahl" or "Dalh".


I'm saying all this because I had forgotten about this song and just remembered it, and now i can't think of anything else. I was wondering if anyone here who was already a WoT fan 10 years ago had by any incredible luck this song on his/her computer, or a link to a site where i could find it again.


Btw the title is "The White Tower", there are no voices, only string instruments (some kind of guitar) and some percussion instruments too.


I'm sorry about my very bad english and the lack of description of the song, but I'll be sooooooooooo gratefull to the person who will find it for me!!!


Thank you!

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Okok. I didn't remember there were lyrics on this song. Your bit about "dahl" remind me this album by Robert Berry. A song is entitled "The Aiel Approach (dahl of a chant)". But this song also has lyrics.


On this album, there are two songs related to the White Tower : "The Halls of Tar Valon", and "The Search for the Black Ajah". If they aren't (which is likely), then I don't have any other idea...

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In fact I was hoping that maybe someone 8 or 9 years ago was visiting this wheeloftime.com site and would remember the song from there. I've searched probably all the other ways (youtube, myspace, 10th of google results) with no luck yet :(


EDIT : Just listened to it and the Dahl song is the one!!! Though i can't find the other one yet i feel closer :p

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I have it, it's from the soundtrack of the Wheel of Time game from 1999, by Legend entertainment. (Now part of Atari)


Oh, and WheelofTime.com was for the Wheel of Time game, which with Legend dissolving / being consumed by Atari, and the expired rights, the domain expired.


I loved that game to death, tied for 13th in the world on the user votes for best player. And that reminds me, I have a tournament next week...old get together of the old players. :D


You can still find copies once in awhile... worth the price of admission IMHO. Killing trollocs and fighting forsaken. :D Not to mention Shadar Logoth was freaking intense. As was the ways.


"Do de dum...following the white line...ah, finally, ambient sound, a little breeze...wait...there's no wind in the ways. *Looks behind him* ...OH...S**T...runrunrunrunrunrunrunrunrunrunrun!"

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Now I'm curious. Is

the one you meant? I have some of these songs on a cd that was burned a loooong time ago, but somewhere along the line I lost the mp3's and the cd's tracks aren't labeled anywhere :tongue: I need to dig that out and listen again.
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