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A Meeting of Old..... friends?


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Narg sighed. What he do to deserve such treatment. "NO FOOL! LEAVE NARG CORNS! JUST RUB NARG FEET!" In anger he removed one of the trollocs hooved hands. Narg wonder how he even give good massage with hooves. Narg sighed again. What could Narg do??? Every trolloc now want him to make decision for them. "Narg? Should I kill that Myrdraal? Narg, should I eat that leg? Narg, should I burp?" It enough to make a trolloc go mad! Ok, madder! But it seem nothing entertain him no more. He could go invade hoo-mahn lands... kill a few hoo-mahns... enjoy the sport... but what was point type thing? They so easy to catch! Some try to fight with sword... but they not any good. Others just stay still, as if Narg couldn't see them. The rest run and scream. No challenge.... Challenge, that what narg need!


Maybe Narg hunt worm! No, no... They already too few worms since Narg been killing them. Myrdraal? No, they just stare at Narg for some reason. Narg know he cute, but he not want to make Myrd babbies! That it! Narg hunt a CHOSEN!!! They always act high and great around the great Narg! "Narg do this! Narg Do that! I Kill Narg for play!" Do they not know who Narg is??? Bah!



"Y-y-y-yes great Narg?"

"Narg want some fun. Assemble Narg's personal fist... He gonna hunt chosen!"


"YES! CHOSEN! Narg shall fling poo into eye of the chosen! But a lesser chosen! Like Ishy or Demandred!"

"Is that dangerous great Narg?"

"Of course it is fool!"

"Why not start smaller great Narg? Practice and stuff. Get good tac... tac... ideas down."

"Hmmm... you do make some weird sense... maybe start with an alcolyte... But Narg not have trollocs making sense other than him!" Narg pull out the bleeding sword and swings. Valk screams in pain... but no cut! Only covered in... is that Marinara sauce??

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The female Trolloc swished her robe, cause there be no wind in the Blight. Because she be no one else but SAAR'EVE!, Darth Shaman! She had no silly unflappable cloak, like silly fades. No. Her robe flapped, even if must she flap it her bloody self. Her followers pay her no mind, though. Too used to her jumping around, they were. Pack of fools, the lot of them. If they had hoo-mahn in front of their face they'd pee pants, assuming they wear any and had much to drink. Sheeps. All Sheep! but not as tasty. Not as tasty at all.


Sniffing the air, Saar'eve smell stink fill the air. Not usual blight stink, but extra stinky stinkiness that stinked the stinky air. She follow stink and found Narg. It be Narg!, she thought, as she said "It be Narg!". Narg looked at her quizzically as Saar'eve wonder what quizzically means. She swallow fly as she seemed be thinking, but was just wrinkling brow. She nod as if understand, but not really. After all, she know all because she be an all knowing Shaman.


"Narg, what you do here?!?!". Narg not answer. One of his bird Trolloc talk. "Narg go kill Forsaken!". Saar'Eve snort. "Narg can't even kill Forsaken poo." Saar'Eve shook head cause head needed shaking. Then head hurt a bit and Saar'eve blame Narg cause male. Narg listen not to her. "When Narg die, Saar'Eve must do the Shaman dance of shameful death. I come watch you die. Mkay?".





Bhan'sheen Shaman

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One of his bird Trolloc talk. "Narg go kill Forsaken!". Saar'Eve snorted. "Narg can't even kill Forsaken poo."


Narg took out his sword and struck down the foolish bird trolloc.. "CHOSEN FOOL! Do you want to bring them down on Narg head!?!"

"But great Narg... Valk though you want to hunt Chosen?"

"Yes, hunt chosen... not be hunted... that no fun. Just lots of running till you die... that mean exercise... and narg already have you to do that for him! Now..."


Narg walked over to his cookpot. It was on a slow heat... make water feel really good.... Narg stepped into the cookpot and lowered into the water with a sigh. "Ahhh... " Narg then clap his hands. "Narg want bubbles!!!" Several trolloc flunkies ran up with their tube like things they took from around all that water in hoo-mahn lands. They start to blow and bubbles flow through the water. "Exxcellent! Narg do like his... WHOAH!!!" Bubble up tail feathers... what a trolloc to do!


"Ok Ahf'frait trollocs... if you no bow to narg no matter how he try... why you bow to Saar'eve.. she BHAN'SHEEN!!! NOT AHF'FRAIT! Sheesh... what Narg gonna do!"


"So Saar'eve... if that your name... you think Narg die shamefully?? Narg not think so. Narg greatest trolloc ever! Once Narg kill chosen narg do dance of poo in your eye! Then he assemble Narg's Trollettes and they do their dance of Neener Neener! But why that matter... what make you think Narg let you bring your flunkies along to share in Narg gory glory? YES! NARG MAKE FUNNY! LAUGH!" Nargs trollocs laughed... Narg leaned back into hottub in bliss... Wait... this wouldn't take narg back to Narg childhood would it?? Better not... or Narg end up slapping mother silly... again!

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Saar'Eve look at Nargbert in disgust. His stink never wash off. Now he just wet stench. Feathers cover less of icky bird parts too. Bad all around. "So this how big Narg kill chosen? use bubbles?". Saar'Eve walk back and forth, forth and back, back and forth. Then forth a little, look like she walk back but forth she walk again. HA HA! Not see that come, Narg. Not see that come.


"Chosen will laugh at Narg. Laugh and burst bubbles. And eat chicken in supper. Pink tails will make pillow to sleep on. Nargie no more!" Saar'eve cheer and make silent prayer for long gone Trollocs that died cause dumb. Many dead dumb Trollocs. Not as dumb as be Narg, but close. Lucky there are much Trolloc in Blight, or Blight would run out of Trollocs quick. No more puppets for fades. Fades be sad and no smile no more.


Saar'eve spread arms to the side and look at sky. "Oh, lord dark of darkness. Make Narg less dumb and lead way to way of no death of Trollocs. Even pansy Trolloc with feathers pink. Lead all victory and sheep. And death of hoo-mahns that wash hands after poo." Saar'Eve stop to look Narg in his bubble tub bath and grunt. "We now go or you not done pee in the tub bath, Nargy?".





Bhan'sheen Shaman

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Narg stood up. Shook... covered everything in wonderful blight water. Go? Narg just went! But now it time to go hunt chosen! "Watch Saar'eve... Narg show how great trolloc lead!" Narg then wound up and gave Saar'Eve a good smack on the haunches... "Hmmm... Saar'Eve need to lay off blight squirrel sauce." That got Narg very dangerous look. But he Nargie... he not care.


"Narg's great fist!" He yelled... he liked to do that... it made great noise. "We hunt Chosen now!!!!! Ready? March that way!" Narg pointed west. Silly trollocs no pay attention though and they just start all wandering... Narg clasp beak with hands and then kill trolloc near by. "THAT WAY!!!!!"


"Oooo... Narg is big trolloc leader." Saar'Eve got another death stare... Great Lord curse her.





Trollocs had been marching for hours... Narg, of course, was carried on a litter.. or road one of his minions like a horse... either way, HE didn't have to walk. Narg thought they must be near chosen now!!!


"Trollocs! Look for chosen!!!"

"Where great narg??"

"Well... look under rock... duh.."

Trollocs began lifting rocks up off the ground... They all looked confused.

"Not little rock fools! Lift big rock! Like that one!" He pointed to a boulder larger than ten trollocs tall.

"How we lift that great narg???"

"Does great narg need show you everything? Get 20 trollocs" Narg held up 5 fingers, "and all stand around it... then lift at once!"


The trollocs nodded as if it was obvious and then surrounded the rock. They lifted... nothing happened.... they lifted again... the rock moved a little. With one final heave they got it up off ground.

"Hmmm... no chosen..." Suddenly they could no longer keep rock steady. It started to lean to one side... then fell, squishing 10 trollocs in the process.


"Fools! Now Narg have to lift rock again to see if chosen under it now!!!"

"Narg want us to lift again?"

Narg looked around... no.. he had better idea.

"Roll it down hill here..." The trollocs got behind it and pushed... Nothing happened... "Get fools in front and dig!!!!" And of course they did! One side dug while the other pushed... soon the rock started to move... then it started to really move.


The trollocs on the hill digging realized they were in trouble... they ran... they tripped... they flung poo at the large boulder moving their way.. However, they did not get out of the path... "Dig hole before it reach you!" One yelled... the poor things...


"Why nargs trollocs so stupid... " Narg said. "All the need do is stand on shoulders till they above boulder... sheesh!"

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Saar'Eve look at Narg. Not much impressed. Narg and stupid Narg Trollocs play with stones all day. Not much achieved but being in sun a lot, sighing much and get dehydrated. Time waste, it was. Waste. But not Aiel waste, no. Too hot, too cold, too hot. No good on complexion. Also Aiel be tough. Get stuck in teeth. No, better where soft meat be found. Tender young meat, not old people walk funny and smell funny.


Saar'eve look up at sky and raise hands, praying for dark lord to give guidance. If Narg keep lead they get no where. "Oh, big lord. Give sign to where Chosen be so Narg can... erm... Serve Chosen. Yes." Saar'Eve leave arms spread and listen as voices speak her head. She start grunting chant in Trolloc speech as she dance the dance of high Shamans. Holy dance it be.


"East", Saar'Eve speak. Narg look at Saar'eve for moment before speak. "Where be east?". Saar'Eve shrug. She not pay attention to direction. "Look stars?". Narg and Saar'Eve look up at blue sky and not speak for long moment. "We have wait for stars. They be hiding now. Narg face scare them." Saar'eve point and laugh. "We wait."







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"Star things... huh... fine... Narg need hut while we wait for star things."


Trollocs started forming up around Narg and Saar'eve. First the lower level was created. Trollocs kneeled on the ground... then the next set of trollocs got on top of those... then they slowly started building up around the two until before a trolloc knew it... HUT!


Narg then make a fire on the edge of their hut. There was hole on top to let smoke out... trollocs near the fire started to shift a little. The hut bulged out. "Narg say stay still!" The trollocs got back into place but there was some screaming about it.


In no time at all stars were out... Narg and Saar'eve walked outside just as the hut collapsed.... A large bonfire kicked up at that point.


"Put that out! Narg can't see stars!" More trollocs throw themselves on fire to put it out.


" So Saar'eve... Narg can't nothing no more... where we go huh? East? Narg say we go kitchen! Yeah... Great Lord tell Narg to go kitchen!" Narg gather up his troops... yes... kitchen! That the way they go... First... they must eat... they go over to old hut... hey! Meat! Digs in!


Yes... kitchen... or they go ball.. Narg shall see.

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Saar'Eve look as Trolloc eat filthy bird Trolloc meat. She make face. Not know what face, but it be face. She be hungry but want hoo-mahns meat. She sniff air. Sniff sniff. Sniffy sniff. She smell hoo-mahns in blight. She walk to Narg. Shamans no run. Took her time to get to Narg. Narg be eating and she poke. And poke. But Narg no listen! She grab tail feather and pull off and Narg finally notice. She not understand why Narg be mad. She give him feather back. She did no plan to keep it. Touchy bird. Like to squawk.


"hoo-mahns be close. Real food. We go?". Saar'Eve not wait to hear response and turn away. Wind whip robe over her head and she stumble. She stand up quick, hope no one noticed and dust robe. Narg make fun but she point him and call him fat and bird trollocs laugh too. He stare at his bird trollocs and they stop laughing till he turn. Then they laugh again. Saar'Eve start to like more birds.


Saar'Eve talks to Narg more. "We need plan. Might be hoo-mahns with sharp sticks. No holes in my robe or I be mad. Choose least favorite bird and use shield. Mkay?".






Fem Trolloc

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Narg sniffed... he didn't smell anything. Ok, that wasn't true. There was a hint of lavender and roses... but narg ignored bad smells now. He not smell any hoo-mahns... but if he looked closely, he could see some dirt in the distance... yes... dirt... but it wasn't on the ground! MUST BE LARGE PACK OF HOO-MAHNS!!!! Crap.... Saar'eve was right. He couldn't have that happen very often. Trollocs might start listening to her. That be... baaaaaaaaad. Narg smacked himself... can't be talking in goat now.


"Yes Saar'Eve... hoo-mahns... they taste good always... and yes... we need plan... but no use birds for sheild... they too skinny... pointy stick go through and still get you! Hmmmm.... hmmmm... " Narg thought hard... his head hurt... but he still thought hard. Then plan came to him.


"Look Saar'Eve... there large hill near where hoo-mahns going... Narg say we put trollocs up there... and when hoo-mahns get close underneath them... we throw birds at them! We knock hoo-mahns down and then we kill them without trying! Good plan, yes??"


Saar'Eve just stared at him... did she not understand what great plan Narg had just come up with??? Oh wait... Narg farted... explains the look perfectly.



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