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Approved White Tower bio--CC'd by Freelanders


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Basic Information


Handle : KeyHolder21


Character Count : 1


Full names of WT characters you already own and their status (active/retired/dead): Miahna “Mimi” Telonne of the Blue Ajah (active)


Contact email: KeyHolder21@gmail.com




Character Information


State whether this is a Traditional or a Salidar novice character: Traditional


Name (first and last): Carys Demot


* Age (Traditional = 14-19 / Salidar = 20-70): 65 (Full AS in current timeline)


(* Returning / Full AS character: age in main time line)


Nationality: (born Andoran) Grew up Altaran






Hair: Blonde


Eyes: Blue


Skin: Fair


Height: 5’4”


Voice: normal pitch/tone for a woman


Other: Carys is very freckle-y along the bridge of her nose.






Special Skills: Has herbal remedy training


Knowledge Weakness: She can read and write in order to record her observations and such, but doesn’t have much training in anything else.


Physical Weakness: Nothing of particular note; she’s just average.


Personality weakness: Carys is very nurturing when it comes to people or animals being hurt. This could definitely be exploited. She also tends to ‘zone in’ when she H/healing something and tends to ignore everything else.




Personality: Carys is a nice person, although she can get very bossy when it comes to H/healing injured people or animals. She’s very responsible and takes injuries very seriously. The whole reason she became Aes Sedai was to be able to heal people in a better way.










For most of her life, Carys could be described with one word: average. As a child, she grew at an average rate. She wasn’t fat, wasn’t too skinny; wasn’t tall and wasn’t short. She had dirty blonde hair that wasn’t pretty, but wasn’t mousy either. She learned at an ordinary rate, had an average group of friends, and was outgoing but not overly so. Whatever she tried, Carys landed smack dab in the middle – she wasn’t bad at it, but she wasn’t exceptional either.




Herbal remedies was the exception. From an early age, Carys showed a talent for medicine. Whether animal or person, it didn’t matter – the girl would nurse it back to health. As soon as her parents realized she had this yearning to help all living creatures, they acquired an apprenticeship for her with the local circle of Wise Women. The Wise Women were delighted to have such a young child with aptitude for the craft.




The day her apprenticeship became final was the day that they told her her mother was child. Her first child. The people she had called mother and father explained to her in a quick exchange of words that Carys wasn’t their child and that she was no longer welcome in their home now that they did have their own. Dejectedly, the girl returned to the Wise Woman shop. At least she had lodging there.




And, it turned out, love. The circle of Wise Women showered Carys with attention that she’d never received and love that she’d never known she was missing. After the initial shock of abandonment, the girl found that she was actually in a much better position. These women cared about her where as her ‘parents’ had never really shown any interest. She enjoyed her small room over the shop and continued to nurse injured animals and people back to health.




She was fourteen when her life changed again and she once more had to leave her home in search of another. Over the years, Carys had come to recognize the ageless faces of women who came into the shop to speak with one particular Wise Woman. Solena, who did not show obedience to anyone curtsied for these women and hastened to bring them tea. Though Carys attempted to listen to the conversations, she was never able to hear the word that were exchanged. Obviously something was different because she had been able to hear conversations before.




During her fourteenth year, a woman with an ageless face came to the shop looking for Solena. The older woman hurried in from the other room to pour tea and talk with the visitor. Carys retired to the stairs where she tried to listen. A poorly dusted stairwell became responsible for the rest of her life when the girl sneezed loudly, interrupting the conversation. Both women looked over sharply, Solena rushing to find the culprit. She gritted her teeth and glared at Carys before grabbing the girl’s elbow and dragging her over to the visitor.




The woman left that day, though she returned early the next morning. Her mount was a beautiful dappled gray that looked dainty next to her companion’s large tan stallion. A third horse, not nearly as lovely as the occupied two, stood behind the others, an empty saddle awaiting a rider. Carys peeked out the window as the woman discussed something with Solena and Marguerite.




She need not have watched, for she found out the conversation topic a few moments later. Marguerite stalked into the house and up the stairs to announce that Carys would be joining the woman – Eiona Sedai – as she returned to the White Tower. It wasn’t any use putting up a fight – Marguerite was a no- nonsense woman who never changed her mind once it was made. Carys packed a small bag for the road, said goodbye to the animals she was currently nurturing and once again left the only home she’d ever known to find her place at another.




It was at the White Tower, though, where she really started to blossom. Under the tutelage of the best healers in the world, Carys expanded her knowledge of herbal remedies tenfold. She also increased her schooling in all other areas: she learned about the history of world, the politics of nations, etiquette for different levels of society, and more. She became a woman, growing into her looks. First and foremost, however, Carys learned about the One Power and how her natural talent for healing things found her a place at the White Tower and in the world.


Carys, naturally, spent the average time as a novice. She actually took a little longer than normal to rise from Accepted to Aes Sedai because she was so focused on Healing that she ignored her other studies for extra time in the infirmary and private lessons with Yellow Sisters. In the long run, though, it didn’t matter. Upon her Raising she donned the Yellow shawl as all knew she would.

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