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Approved WY bio for Robert Laurel - CCd by WK


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Character’s name: Robert Laurel

Age: 18

Place of Origin: Andor

Hair Color: Black


Eye Color: Blue


Height: 6’1”

Weight: 220 lbs

Brief History: Robert Laurel is the second child of Andoran nobility.

Knowing he wouldn’t inherit and wouldhave to make his own way, his father

Alain had him trained for the profession of arms, hiring two retired Tower

Guardsmen to train his son. Robert learned how to handle all manner of


weaponry, as well as the skills normal to nobility. At sixteen he joined a


mercenary company, the Gold Eagles, led by a friend of his father’s, Paolo


Hendrickson, but it broke up after Paolo was killed in a fight with trollocs

in the Borderlands. Still needing to make a living, he rode up to Tar Valon


and volunteered to join the Tower Guard. Accompanying him is his closest

friend from the company,Sharra Prydain, who hasn’t quite decided what she is

going to do. Robert is warm and friendly. He treats one and all with


respect, must in contrast to many nobility who look down upon any one not of


their class. He practices hard every day. He also loves learning, and during

his off duty hours many times can be found with his nose in a book, usually


a history book, but he enjoys other types of books as well. He enjoys good


food and drink, but does not drink to excess. He cares deeply about his

family and keeps in regular contact. He is especially close to his

oldersister Erin, who successfully runs the family finances at the

relatively young age of 24. His favorite weapons are longsword, mace and


mounted lance. He is a superb horseman as he began learning to ride before

he could even walk.

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