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FOrmer Wotmania member, new to Dragonmount

Moon Sedai

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I used to be a member of Wotmania (under this same Handle).


This is the first time I've visited Forums since about a year or two before wotmania shut down, so please be patient with me.


I am a grad student, studying History, in Texas.


I love Wheel of Time (obviously), but also love RPGs, movies, several television shows, history (duh, I'm so Brown Ajah it isn't funny).


I have two mini schnauzers, no kids, and a husband who thinks the WoT is crazy.


I'm pretty much only on the boards and stuff when I do readthroughs of the WoT.

Working on one anticipating Towers of Midnight, currently in Path of Daggers.

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Welcome mæææn : ) Good to see another history enthusiast here ; D


But mind telling what kind of history ?

General World History, Natural History, Military History ? : o

Ancient Mesopotamia or Ancient Mediterranean and Europe or East Asia ? : o

Steppe Nomads and Central Asia or Oceania, South-East Asia and Pacific ? : o

Maybe even Modern History, Medieval History, or Post-Classic Middle East History ? :o

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@Corlock - I do love Mat, i think he's my favorite of the Two Rivers boys.


@Barbarin: Thanks!


@Elend and Azadi- My focus is on European and Women's history, specifically the British suffrage movement, but I do have a soft spot for Medieval/Renaissance history.


Ahhh, quite the opposite to me. I rather prefer US political history and have a soft spot for economic history. Might change over something more akin to 19th century Europe though. Still only about halfway to Bachelor's so I really don't have a specific focus yet.

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