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Song of Ice and Fire on HBO: where is Eye of the World?

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Going back to the original question about a lack of WoT on screen, this is something that has been debated a lot in the Red Eagle subforum. But basically it comes down to a paradox:


1) WHEEL OF TIME needs to be a TV series because of the length of the story. A movie series wouldn't be able to do the length of the story justice.

2) WHEEL OF TIME needs to be a movie series because of the budget needed for special effects. A TV show wouldn't be able to afford to do the story justice.


A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE doesn't suffer the same issues because of its length (hopefully half that of WoT when both are done) and because its big effects sequences are fairly restrained into big moments that the TV show can do justice to (much of ASoIaF is plotting and intrigue). WoT's problem is the number of small skirmishes which still involve lots of make-up (for Trollocs and Myrddraal) and effects (for people using the Power).


Until Red Eagle and Universal find a way of satisfactorily resolving the paradox, it's difficult to see how WoT can work on screen. It'll either be cut down massively for time or it will have to have a lot less action and effects sequences than the books, neither of which is entirely appealing to the fans.

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