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Bio Info & RP Group Histories


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So you are considering creating a character and joining one of the many uber cool Role Playing (RP) Groups that we have. We are glad to have you join us and the following information should help you to submit a bio.


Each Dragon Reborn RP Group has its own way of approving bios and you will find that information below. Your bio will need to be approved and cross-checked before you can begin to RP. 


Please make sure that you do not include any Main Plotline characters (or characters from the books) in your biography. If you aren't sure exactly how to Role Play, or even what it is, take a look at this post HERE.


Next, you should read the history of your RP Group. The RP Groups are split into 3 distinct RP Sections as follows;


The Alliance:




Tar Valon:



Once you have read the history of at least your chosen RP Group (though it isn't a bad idea to read the history of all of them) you can start writing up your biography! Certain RP Groups have specific guidelines or requirements for doing this.




Use the following format and select the options relevant to your RP Group:


DM Handle:

Email address:


Character Name:

Returning Character (Yes/No):

Total PSW Character Count (max 24):


RP Section (The Alliance, Tar Valon, Freelanders):

RP Group:


Guild if Freelanders RP Group: (Aiel, Freebooter, Kin, Ogier, Sea Folk, Seanchan, Tinker)

Character Division if CotS RP Group: (Darkfriend (Shadowspawn)/Dreadlord)

Traditional or Salidar Novice if WT RP Group: 

Character Rank (if applicable):




Place of Birth/Raising:

Physical Description: (Height, weight, eyes, hair, other outstanding features)


Character History: (Should include any major events in the character's life prior to joining the RP Group, as well as any significant RP's since)



How to Get Your Biography Posted


After writing up your biography, you email it to the address above for checking. Be sure to include the RP Group and/or Guild name in the Subject field. You may have to negotiate with the Bio Checker via email so be patient because this will lead to a bio that is far more likely to get cross checked quickly. Once the Bio Checker is happy with your bio, they will post it on the Biographies board and the subject line will say "Approved "RP Group" Bio for "Character Name", CC Please" or something along those lines. Once another Staff Member has approved it, the title will be changed to "Approved "RP Group" Bio for "Character Name": CCd by x". At this point, you'll be free to begin your first RP!


Staff will contact you with how to begin. If you aren't sure what to do, go ahead and post on the Dragon Reborn RP OOC (Out Of Character) board or on your Group's private board! There are always people who are willing to answer questions.


Below can be found information on each RP Group and some specifics to consider.


Some Tips For Quick Biography Approval


We all know that you're probably anxious to get started, so here are some tips to get you approved quicker!

  • Try to have a decent length of biography - something more than 500 words, but less than a page and a half.
  • Your character starts from the bottom unless otherwise agreed, s/he is not an excellent sword swinger, channeler, etc.
  • If s/he is young, character cannot be master at her/his profession, no matter how much natural talent s/he has.
  • No blondes from Borderlands, tall Cairhienin, etc. Information on the different mainland cultures/appearances can be found HERE.
  • No unnatural hair colours or eye colours. The exception, of course, is the Wolfkin, but even then the only odd colour allowed is the trademark golden!
  • Try and keep your character from mainland Randland. The exceptions are, of course, the Seanchan (who should be from Seanchan) and the Atha'an Miere (who should be from the Sea Folk Isles).
  • Make sure you follow your RP Group's guidelines - for example, the Children of the Light won't beg for your character to join them, and your new Novice shouldn't have the spark inborn.
  • And most of all, try to co-operate with the bio checkers - they're here to help you, not to bash every single idea you've posted.


Specific Guidelines for Two Rivers Bios (with effect from 11th October 2010)


- All bios from the Two Rivers area require approval from the RCL before being posted for CC'ing.

- Emond's Field characters should not be born in the village but must be part of the refugee influx to the area. If you wish to be a native of the Two Rivers, choose a different village.

- In either case, please do not claim to know or be related (distantly or otherwise) to any of the main characters.

- Should your Two Rivers bio be approved, you cannot submit any further bios from that area.


Aiel (Freelanders Guild)


All new members must be either of the Dragonmount or the Shaido clans - no other clans are allowed. New members also start off as generic Aiel - you gain admission to a Warrior Society or to the Wise Ones only through RP training. Aiel are under the supervision of the Freelanders RP Group.


Atha'an Miere (Freelanders Guild)


The Atha'an Miere are currently part of the Freelanders RP Group.


Band of the Red Hand


Please note that Weapon Scores (WS) for new characters (Recruits) are 0-5 depending on the character's fighting history and the quality of the bio. The bio checker will assign you an appropriate score upon bio approval.


Once the entry RP has been completed, then the character will attain the rank of Private and start to advance in WS. All new members will have to seek out the Band. NOTE: You cannot just stumble into the Citadel where the Band reside... it is highly guarded, just as any army's camp would be. The Band falls under The Alliance section of the WoT RP Club.


Black Tower


The BT does not accept Seanchan, Sharan or Sea Folk members. Although Aiel characters may be considered, the bio would need to be extremely well written. Any previous ties (including nobility) are sacrificed upon joining the Tower.


People may choose whether to be born with the spark or have latent talent that must be unlocked through teaching, however, neither has any impact on their One Power score. In keeping with this, please avoid making assumptions about your character's strength/skill levels in the biography.


While you may wish to be an experienced weaponsman due to your character bio, all members will begin from a weapon skill score of 0 unless otherwise agreed. Please take this into account when preparing your character.


The Black Tower falls under The Alliance section of the WoT RP Club.


Children of the Light


Bio writing guidelines for the Children of the Light can be found HERE


Freebooters (Freelanders Guild)

The character history can be free form. It has to stick to some form of reality, but creative leniency tends to be allowed.


Ogier (Freelanders Guild)


The Ogier are under the supervision of the Freelanders RP Group. Please consider the following guidelines:


  • You can not bio your way into an Elder position. These positions are subject to Staff approval.
  • The age of your Ogier may go up to 200 years in the bio without Staff approval provided you create a decent background for the character. Older Ogier characters need to be approved by Staff first.
  • No Ogier may leave the Stedding before reaching 100, and that is still considered highly controversial. If you are a tradesman who MUST leave the Stedding, such as a stonemason or merchant, than you may go under the age of 100, only on training missions.
  • As of right now in the RP, the only Stedding being actively RP'd is Stedding Madan. Your character can be from another Stedding, but because of the number of PC Ogier, it is easier to concentrate our population in one Stedding.


Seanchan (Freelanders Guild)


Refer to Freebooters.


Congress of Shadow


Don't include the Chosen in your bio (unless approved beforehand by the Staff). Channelers should write of the discovery that they can channel and not do a lot with the OP (if born with the spark you will get sick and will have a block, if not get tested for the ability to learn). 




Information on submitting biographies to the Warders can be found on the PSW Wikia. Warders fall under the remit of the Tar Valon section.


White Tower


Your character cannot have the spark inborn unless the ACL has given her approval. This means she cannot 'channel', but she can 'learn to channel'. To get approval, you must submit an application via THIS FORM along with your Bio application. 


Character Creation and Bio Format Information


Just as Aes Sedai in the Wheel of Time Series start out as Novices and work their way up through the ranks of Accepted to Aes Sedai, then join an Ajah, so must your 1st White Tower Character climb those ranks.


1st Character Rules/Guildlines:


Here are few other things to take into consideration when preparing to write your bio:

  • Your 1st White Tower character must start out as a Novice.
  • You can create either a Traditional Novice or Salidar Novice. The PSW WT was not split, so all Novices will live in the White Tower together. The difference is that a Traditional Novice comes to the Tower between 13 years of age and 19 years of age, whereas a Non Traditional/Salidar Novice comes to the White Tower between 20 years of age and 70 years of age.
  • All Novices need to be female; this is not to say that a male cannot make a female character and play her, for that is done often.
  • Your character cannot have the spark inborn unless the ACL has given her approval. This means she cannot 'channel', but she can 'learn to channel'.
  • Your character cannot be a true born Two Rivers character, this includes Emond's Field, Taren Ferry and the surrounding area
  • We will accept bios that say the character's family are refuges from (insert country name) and are now resident in the above areas.
  • Your character cannot be a Wilder


For a full list of Rules and Guidelines on Character Creation please refer to the White Tower Website.


Another thing to be aware of, is that here in the White Tower RP Group we play our characters in what is called Retro. This means that when you are playing your Novice, you are basically going back in time to tell us what happened 'back when you were a Novice'.

Until your character meets the requirements to become an Aes Sedai, your character will not be allowed to participate in events in the Main Timeline.

When your character meets the requirements and becomes an Aes Sedai you can play her as she would be in the Main Timeline and you will be able to participate in RP's that revolve around current events with your character being fully Aes Sedai.

The only exception to this rule is if you are creating a Novice who comes to the White Tower during the Main Timeline. If you choose to have your Novice come to the White Tower in the Main Timeline you must be sure to play out modern events with your character as a Novice with limited channeling abilities and limited freedom to leave the White Tower Grounds.


Bio Submission Format


Include the following in the standard Bio Application format:


Age of this character *

(* Returning / Full AS character: age in main time line / Traditional Novice = 14-19 / Salidar Novice = 20-70)


  • This should be about 500 words.
  • For novice characters, this should include any major events in the character's life prior to joining the White Tower, as well as how she found out she could learn to channel (has to be tested by an Aes Sedai, using the jewel test.)
  • For fully raised characters (remember you can only make those if you already have a fully raised character), this should include a brief background of before joining the Tower, but should focus more on her history after joining the Tower.


The Bio Checker will read through your submission and either approve it or reply to help you work on making a well rounded, believable character. When the bio is approved it will be posted on the Bios (Active) board. A Staff member from one of the other RP Groups will double check that your bio follows all the rules, and that your character is believable in the setting of our PSW.


When this is done, you will receive an email from the WT Staff with some more information on the WT RP Group and a short Novice Test. You will then receive instructions on how to determine your One Power Score break down. Once that is done, you will receive permission to begin your training RP's!





Information on the Wolfkin can be found here


Some basic things to consider when writing up your biography are:


- The Howling is not a nice, happy process! Firstly, your character will start seeing more sharply, hearing better, and more likely than not people will start thinking that they are crazy because they are seeing and hearing things that nobody else sees and hears. Secondly, a Wanderer's eyes change from their natural colour to the characteristic gold during the Howling. Lastly, most Wanderers start having dreams - the Wolf Dream - involving wolves and often of hunting, pack life, dealing with 'two legs', etc. If your character starts to talk to wolves during the Howling, please remember that wolves don't think in complete sentences (or even in words) but rather in images, so your character may have difficulty understanding them, or speaking back clearly.


- Try to steer away from a character who has a background in weapons training, trollocs, etc., since we see this a lot. Remember, Wolfkin are your every day people who suddenly start talking to wolves and come from all walks of life.


- Please end your biography in such a way that a Tracker can come and find your character, as that is how they get back to the Stedding. If you make mention of the Tracker in your biography, leave it open to be a male or female member of the Wolfkin as we have Trackers of both genders.


The Wolfkin fall under The Alliance section of the WoT RP Club.

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Band of the Red Hand


Assistant Club Leader: Cass

“We’ll drink the wine till the cup is dry,
and kiss the girls so they’ll not cry,
and toss the dice until we fly
to dance with Jak o’ the Shadows.

We’ll dance all night while the moon runs free,
and dandle the lasses upon our knee,
and then you’ll ride along with me,
to dance with Jak o’ the Shadows.”

Hoof beats surround us, the sound of arrows replaced the wind and the clash of arms become the music we listen to as we dance with Jak o’ the Shadows. Our brothers stand under the Red Hand, forged in battle we became brothers and sisters in arms and hearts. For centuries our name has lived in the realm of greatness. Now we stand and fight together against the Shadow and the injustice of the world.

Can you feel the horse, the arrow, the sword, your brother calling your name for the ranks? To stand and dance with Jak of the Shadows, with the Band of the Red Hand. Come join us here in the Band of the Red Hand RP Group and see how well you can dance.

Carai an Caldazar!

What the Band is:

The Band is the shortened term for the Band of the Red Hand RP Group of the WoT RP Club. Here is where you can create a character based upon the Band of the Red Hand, though the Band we have in this Portal Stone World (PSW) has some differences from that of the Book.


You have the choice of joining the Archers, Cavalry, Scouts, Infantry, Medics, Siege Engineers and even the service Corp. Or you could have a Civilian who lives in the Citadel, the fortress we have built for ourselves. Man, woman, even child, all kinds of characters are welcome in the Band.

Start out as a Private and rise to the ranks of Captain, Banner Captain and beyond if you can prove that you are prepared to help the RP Group become the best that it can be.


Tarwin's Gap. For longer than mankind cared to remember, that pass from the Blight had been a weak point in the Border nations; Malkier had once stood as its guardian, but that nation had fallen long ago, leaving only dust and ashes to protect the world from the Shadow. For decades, it had stood silent; the deep valley avoided. Forgotten by some, but thankfully not by all.

One year, the signal fire that had remained dormant for nearly a century suddenly flared to life.

So Tarwin's Gap became once more the stuff of nightmares. Shienar stood against hordes of Trollocs and Myrddraal, the armies of men fighting to throw back a tide of darkness. Such a struggle had not been seen in living history; for days the battle raged, before finally the dark wave was thrown back. Each year, the struggle was repeated. Each year, the struggle grew harder. 3 years after the first Battle at Tarwin's, King Easar knew that the Borderlands could no longer stand alone. He sent messengers to the Kings and Queens of the south, and recruiters to seek out willing Free Men; those with no ties to the armies of the south. His call was answered.

Men and women arrived from all over the world, prepared to lay down their lives to protect others. Some came alone, or in small groups, even whole families travelling together. Others came not quite so unassuming, or so innocently, but the Commanders of the Borderland Guard were not so blind as to turn skilled swords away.

So the ranks of the Lords Army were increased a thousand-fold, and training began in earnest. Archers, infantry-men and lancers honed their skills, while watchers up in the Gap kept their eyes trained to the North. All too soon the signal fires were lit, one by one, across the Borderlands, and as one the men and women of the Lord's Army turned to face the Blight.

The battle raged for 3 days. The gathered defenders had been confronted with a tidal wave of darkness on the first day; trollocs in their thousands, bellowing and screaming war cries; myrddraal, like points of inky darkness, worming snake-like through the gathered masses, their eyeless faces glowing eerily in the dawns light. The sight of such a foe did not break the Lord's Army, however. With a silent command, the first wave of arrows rose up into the morning air from the archers' lines, and the battle began.

The 2 armies met in a crash that shook the earth; lancers and infantry men hacked through lines of trollocs, horses soon covered with blood. Engineers stood and fired huge baskets of rocks into the face of the enemy from large catapults, while archers stood with them, raining death. Scouts acted as messengers, carrying orders where chaos reigned, while medics gathered those wounded they could from the edge of the battleground. Dawn to dawn. During the night, huge fires blazed, and the fight continued.

Those who survived would remember the noise more than anything. The moans and screams of the wounded and dying echoed across the field for hours into the third night. Uncounted men and women lay dead or wounded, but at the end the horde of the Shadow had been pushed back; pushed back and broken. The battleground was littered, black with trollocs and myrddraal, the stench a cloying scent that carried south on the wind.

Of those who survived many were from the Borderlands, few were from the south. Of the mercenary groups who had joined the fray, tattered remnants remained. Only one Commander of those groups still lived, a woman who had commanded a small but efficient group of men from all walks of life. Seeing the end of her Band, she met with the current leaders of those who had survived from other mercenary groups; an archer commander, a cavalrist, an infantryman, a scout, a medic and an engineer. No other would know what was said that day, but when the meeting came to a close these lost and scattered men and women were joined once more into a whole, all be it a loose whole. They called themselves the Band of the Red Hand. So it began.

I watched from horse back as the various ‘Divisions’ gathered themselves into some sort of order. It still shocked me, what I had done; I’d never been all that good with words, but somehow I’d managed to convince these people to follow me, Ehlana Toredall, former archer, now in Command of a fully fledged Army….or at least the makings of one.

Getting back to the here and now, I found myself surrounded by the Division Heads; Elanor Kigarin, Archer Commander; Schaduw Eler’Ing, Cavalry Commander; Naven al’Baerlon, Infantry Commander; Alaura Greylock, Head Medic; and Cabroci Ramzael, Commander of the Scouts. For all I’d known them for only a short while, the simple fact that they had survived such a fight spoke of their great courage and ability.

“Well, this is it,” I said, looking round to see Owen, my ‘shadow’, my bodyguard, moving his horse up closer to mine. “We’ll head south, and see how things go. Don’t know about all of you, but I for one want to get far away from this place.” General nods of approval came from all, and I signalled for the newly appointed Banner Bearer to lift his charge. A sudden strong breeze lifted the rough white fabric, revealing the red hand imprinted upon it. We were commited now; the Band of the Red Hand rode the lands again.

The Band of the Red Hand now resides in the Ogier made Citadel on the outskirts of the Mountains of Mist near Emond’s Field. They have engaged in battles against trollocs at Emond’s Field, Aiel in Cairhien, and even a Shadow created copy of themselves.

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The Black Tower


Assistant Club Leader: Cass


Website: HERE


Can you feel the siren song of Saidin? Does the male half of the One Power throb in your veins? Do you have the discipline and the strength of will to survive the rigours of channelling and the Taint? The Dragon Reborn has declared amnesty for your kind – once despised and feared, pitied and rejected – will you answer his call?



History of the Black Tower


The Black Tower was born under the banner of Dramon Calgar, a False Dragon in Saldaea about a year prior to Jarron al’Tanin (the Dragon Reborn) taking Callandor from the Heart of the Stone in Tear. This False Dragon led the men of the Tower, an extremely covert, well hidden and low profile organisation, until another False Dragon (one of the Forsaken in disguise) defeated him and took his place as their new Dragon.


The Forsaken took many men into the Black Tower and taught them some forgotten Talents, including Skimming and Traveling. He then lead them to Tear, there to take Callandor and the Stone of Tear.


But lo, there had already arrived a red-headed country-bred youth by the name of Jarron al’Tanin and his companions in Tear, and they too found their way to the Heart of the Stone. A battle broke out as Shadowspawn flooded the Fortress of Tear and were joined by the veil-faced Waste dwellers known as the Aiel. Black coated Asha’man spilled into the halls and Aes Sedai fought their own battles. And in the Heart of the Stone, the red-headed sheepherder took the Sword That Cannot Be Touched and triumphed over the Forsaken who had led the male channelers to Tear.


The Tower’s second in command, Dalinarius Traachenshield, whom the Forsaken-Dragon had named the Tower’s Leader, the M’Hael, witnessed this event, and quickly swore fealty on behalf of the Black Tower to the Dragon Reborn, Jarron al’Tanin. His flag flew high over the Stone of Tear, and shortly after that word of an amnesty for male channelers began to spread throughout the land.


The Dragon travelled to the Aiel Waste following these events, though the Aiel would not allow any Asha’man to travel with them, much to many in the Black Tower’s disgruntlement. Nevertheless, after some period spent in the Waste, Jarron returned to Cairhien with many of the Aiel Nations in tow and laid claim to the lands there. He is now accompanied most times by at least two Asha’man, and if they are not found with him, it is likely they will not be far away.


The Black Tower continues its work training male channelers to be weapons in service of the Dragon Reborn. Although they have a base of operations in forest not far from Caemlyn, which they fondly refer to as “The Farm”, they continue to operate through a front of operations in Tear. As far as the outside world knows, all the channelers seeking refuge given by the Dragon’s amnesty are finding their safe harbour and training in Tear, though in fact they are then being Gated out to the Farm for their tuition.


Relations between the White Tower and Black are tense, though civil at this stage. For a long while the Aes Sedai assumed the Black Tower to be a small group of men operating in Tear. Then recently their Eyes and Ears informed them of a training Farm and the White Tower sent 13 Sisters there to observe. The Aes Sedai learned their error of underestimation when they faced hundreds of channeling men. Both sides suffered some losses and the Sisters were Bonded by Asha’men.


Many feared that the current M’Hael, Dalinarius, would be too lenient toward the White Tower and a coup was staged. His place was taken by a Storm Leader named Brent Enios, who finished the negotiations with the Aes Sedai. As a concession, an apology was presented in front of the whole Black Tower and the White Tower acknowledged the existence of the second channeling organization to the rulers of the world. The Sisters were released from their Bonds and returned to Tar Valon and communication between the Towers has opened. There is wary hope of further co-operation in the future.


The Aiel tolerate Asha’man as allies of the Car’a’carn, but are not overly fond of them. Mutual respect has been developed with the Wolfkin, and a relationship is being forged with the Band of the Red Hand. The Black Tower is relatively unknown to the Seanchan and Sea Folk, and our relations with Shayol Ghul and the Children of the Light are hostile as you would expect. The Black Tower is not at this stage in contact with the Ogier.

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Children of the Light (CotL)


(Part of the Freelanders RP Section)


Let's talk about why you should join the CotL. Why join them when you can make a powerful Aes Sedai, a deadly Aiel, a yellow eyed Wolfkin or a fearsome Trolloc? Well, I’ve got the answer for you right here. All the characters in The Wheel of Time are defined. Some are good. Some are evil. Whatever floats their boat, right? The CotL, however, are rather controversial. What are they?


They don’t fall within the realm of evil, yet they don’t fall within the good either. They’re in battle with everyone around them. While they counter Darkfriends, Shadowspawn and whomever is related to the Shadow, they also don’t suffer Aes Sedai, Wolfkin, Aiel… the list goes on and on. While they might compromise to the extent of tolerating Aes Sedai because they need them for the Last Battle, they believe in exterminating any abnormality, whether it’s channeling, talking to wolves, having yellow eyes etc. They fear what they don’t know. And THAT makes them mighty *lol*


So, make a CotL. Be constantly surrounded by foes wherever you turn. While the CotL mean well, they are rather paranoid and suspicious in nature. Who wouldn’t be really? The Light must prevail! Fight in the name of the Light! And most importantly….HAVE FUN!!! *wink*



History of the Children of the Light


The inception of the Children of the Light dates back to the Hundred Years War, in which all lands fought for control of what remained of Artur Hawkwing’s empire. During that time, roughly 1020 FY, there was an order of priests from Amadacia, known simply as The Light. The knowledge of much of the order’s workings has since faded into history, but some is known about them. They were all pacifists, believing in silent meditation and prayers to the Creator above all else. They did not allow outsiders to enter their cloister, known as the Dome of Truth, and what they needed, they provided from within their own walls, becoming a small community unto themselves.


Lothair Mantelar, a vocal young member of the group, started preaching that the order of priests should become more active in the current troubles. He believed that by spreading the message of peace instead of shutting themselves off in the Dome of Truth, the priests could make a difference in the war. The older priests condemned Mantelar for his liberal thinking and were irate that a youngling would put himself forward as more wise than those members who had served for many years. The eldest among the priests wanted a reckoning, and the High Priest of the Light himself ruled on Mantelar’s case, banishing the boy from the Dome of Truth.


And so Mantelar left the Dome and Amadicia, but he was not alone. Many of the younger members of the parish, those known to be in agreement with Mantelar’s liberal views, followed the banished priest out into a war torn world. The group traveled northward, stoping often to preach to the crowds of war-ravaged cities and encampments of refugees, and teach the people about the value of peace. In some places Mantelar’s message was accepted, but for the most part the priests were chased from town to town, sometimes even being forced to flee from angry mobs intent on killing them. There was little peace for the weary travelers, and much bloodshed. Over half of the men that left with Mantelar died on the journey north, and those that lived were aged tremendously by the struggle.


A year later, Mantelar and the remainder of his group arrived in Andor, where instead of being chased off, they were welcomed by the Monarch. Queen Ishara ruled Andor at that time, and was widely known for her desire for peace. She accepted the men in to her homeland, and allowed them to preach behind the safety of Andoran guards. The priests became known as the Children of the Light, as they were literally young men cast out from The Light. In time, the priests became a powerful entity, Led by Mantelar, the group preached all throughout Andor. At that time, Mantelar also began to write a book based on the virtues put forward by the Dome of the Light, adding to it the beliefs he held.


Though the priests were safe in Andor, Lothair believed that his true calling was to preach around the world. For this reason Lothair and a now expanded group of priests, proudly calling themselves the Children, left the relative safety of Andor, and traveled east. The group planned to march from Caemlyn to Tar Valon, stopping to preach peace at every small hamlet they entered. At all stops Lothair would speak to the people that had inevitably gathered to hear him preach, he also added a small segment to his book at each stop. He developed a following unmatched by any one of his era, and the Children of the Light grew. Because of the expanded size of the Children they could not go anywhere peacefully. The large numbers attracted bands of warriors as a midden drew flies, and the Children’s trek to Tar Valon was streaked with blood. At first the priests had refused to commit acts of violence, but as they traveled and lost more and more men they became less reserved.


Eventually the Children did reach Tar Valon, and by then they were being followed by one of the largest armies to gather since the death of Hawkwing. The army of Cairhein was neither small, nor particularly pleased by Lothair’s passage through their land, and they followed the Children to the island of Tar Valon. At that time, because of the war there was only one bridge remaining into the city and many Aes Sedai guarded it. The Aes Sedai refused Lothair entrance into the city, claiming that he was stirring up dissension in the world. As a result of this act Lothair and most of the Children of the Light were killed as the Cairheinen assaulted them from behind and trapped them with their backs to the river.


Some Children managed to escape, one being Lothair’s servant Arslan, who carried with him a copy of Lothair’s book. Arslan and the remainder of the Children returned to Andor, where they once again received shelter. Arslan took Lothair’s book named ‘The Way of the Light’ and released it to the masses, bringing new interest to the Children of the Light. Over the following years the Children grew and expanded culminating in an organization that was a full-fledged military unit by the year FY 1111. This time around though, the Children were warrior’s first, peacemakers second. They also hated Aes Sedai, and preached against them, blaming the Aes Sedai for the death of their founder, and claiming that such an act against peaceful missionaries named them darkfriends. For a few decades more, the Children worked hand in hand with the nation of Andor, with designs on bringing peace to the rest of the world, but the alliance was not destined to be permanent. Betrayal by the Queen led to bad blood between the fledgling Military group and the great nation that still has not been resolved.

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Pretty name, but what does it mean?


The Freelanders as a group are essentially everything that isn’t covered elsewhere. We aren’t the Aes Sedai with their shawls, we aren’t the Asha’man in their black coats, we aren’t the golden eyed Perrins or megalomaniacal Lanfears.


We’re the innkeepers and the gleemen, the thieves and thief catchers, soldiers and nobles; we are the nations themselves. We are Andor, we are Tear, we are Tarabon and those peoples within. We are the Ogier, the Seafolk, the Aiel and the Seanchan who are apart from the people of the Westlands. We are even the Kin and their Knitting Circle who have hidden themselves for hundreds of years amongst the people.


What makes the Freelanders so different? What sets them apart?




A Sister of the White Tower is bound to the White Tower’s interests, the Black Tower to the Dragon, the Wolfkin to their survival and the Darkfriends to the Dark One. Of all the RP Groups, the Freelanders alone allow you to make your own choices about your character and their purpose. Your character could come from any walk of life, have any personal ambition of their own and most importantly, be able to pursue those ambitions. That is what sets the Freelanders apart from any other.


Website: HERE 

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Congress of the Shadow


(Part of the Freelanders RP Section)


Website: HERE & HERE 


CotS consists of the Dreadlords and Darkfriends guilds, including the sub guild of Shadowspawn.


Congress of the Shadow is the only Group where we’re all openly evil. It’s also the only Group you can be nominally part of while also being in another RP Group (A Darkfriend sul’dam, or a Darkfriend Warder)!


CotS is the RP Group, however, for those of us who want to be openly evil, who don’t want to hide amongst the shadows, pretending to be friendly, and praising the Light; it’s for those of us who wish to destroy the Borderlands, ravage the southern nations, and free the Great Lord!


You see, CotS is one of the most varied and open RP Groups in our PSW. You can be a Darkfriend assassin, maybe a courtesan, or a Dreadlord using the Power to destroy all who stand before you. You can even be a trolloc, and live in the Blight, or be a myrddraal, and command fist upon fist of trollocs, ripping apart Lightfool armies. Either way, CotS’s freedom of choice makes it a great Group.


Ranks in the Divisions


Darkfriend Circle

This Circle offers many career paths.

Darkfriend Initiate

Lesser Darkfriend


Greater Darkfriend

Elite Darkfriend


Dreadlord Circle

This Circle treads only one road.




Greater Dreadlord



Shadowspawn Circle

This Circle holds 2 choices.

Trolloc Warrior

Claw Commander

Fist Commander


Warlord/Horde Leader






Task Master

Shadow Walker

Shadow Knight




History of the Congress of the Shadow



1 to 977 NE: The Shadow settles down into the traditional secret society pattern; cells of agents scattered throughout the world in all walks of life. Constant pressure is maintained on the Blightborder to distract attention from the more subversive work to the south, but no major action is taken until the kingdom of Malkier becomes a strategic location. Trolloc forces overrun Malkier, which comes under the control of the Shadow.


977 NE: Another of the seals on the Great Lord's prison is found on an archaeological expedition by the White Tower; it has already started to decay. Unfortunately for the researchers, one of their number is a Black Sister, who murders her companions, steals the seal, and takes it to Demandred. Demandred brings the seal to Shayol Ghul, where closer proximity to the Great Lord shatters it; time begins slowly to speed up again for those Chosen sealed beside their master. The most lightly sealed of the Chosen, Serashada, instantly is hit with the full force of three thousand years, and her body disintegrates; but her memories are trapped by the Great Lord. Four months after the breaking of the seal, Aginor becomes the first of the Chosen to escape reasonably intact; Demandred, desirous of his support, grants to him the usage of the Fortress, and moves his own base of operations to Chachin, where he disposes of Queen Ethenielle's spouse and installs himself as a royal advisor.


978 NE onward: The rest of the seals begin to weaken. One by one, the Chosen are freed. The Great Lord commands Demandred to find the Dragon Reborn and the rest of the seals; Demandred sends his gholam Jeraal and the Assassin Efan Orm Radashe on this errand. Following a hint they make their way to a manor house in Saldaea, but the rumor is false; instead, they find a contingent of Aes Sedai also investigating the rumor, led by Ja'varan Durrlani. In the battle that follows, Ja'varan is captured, her Warder is defeated by Radashe, and the gholam and the Assassin escape with their prisoner. Ja'varan is taken to Shayol Ghul and forcibly turned to the Dark, implanted with Serashada's memories, and given the task of finding the Dragon Reborn and the remainder of the seals.


992 NE onward : All of the Chosen have been freed from the Bore; those who have been freed longer have built up a substantial following, Aginor's being the most so. The Shadowsworn work in secret toward the aims of the Dark. Demandred, the Nae`blis, knowing the personal dangers associated with the freedom of the rest of the Chosen, withdraws himself and refuses to reveal his location to anyone of the Shadow save his lieutenant Bekkarsorei; but he still keeps a watchful eye on the dealings of the Dark.


999 NE : Demandred gets killed by Be’lal a day after Dumai's Wells. Mae’shadar Caladesh visits the WT, terrorising them, becoming overconfident and gets caught, then put to court. Rahvin gets killed. Asmodean attacks Semirhage.


1000 NE : Present year, remember in this year the summer is late and then changes abruptly to winter as the Bowl of Winds is used.


Spring/Summer : Ja’varan is killed. Illian freed of Chosen.


Autumn/Winter : Kandor RP + Arafel and Shienar are taken.



Fairhaven: a small town, a days ride north on the road to the Jangai Pass. Here lies a shadow run ranch, with 6 PC and several NPC personalities on it.


The Forsaken:


- Ishamael was killed by the Dragon Reborn and has been reborn as Osan’gar; after the betrayal of a Mae’Shadar in his service he goes to the Fortress and has an alliance with Aginor. When Aginor leaves, he betrays him and takes control of the Fortress, which he later loses to the Nae’blis V'alduri as he comes under her control, if not quite as tightly as Cyndane (Lanfear).


- Aginor mostly has stayed in the Fortress, before he goes undercover in the BT. Later killed by the Asha’man.


- Balthamel was reborn Aran’gar. Then killed by the Wolfkin.


- Sammael has secretly seized Shienar, and become allied with Rahvin. Is currently allied with Semirhage and has openly taken Shienar and Arafel. After meeting with the Nae’blis they are made into the Guardians of the Gate to the Blight, as V’alduri chooses to call the newly conquered area.


- Rahvin was hiding in Andor where he was manipulating the Queen. He sent an emmisary group to Jarron (DR) asking for an alliance until the other Chosen could be moved out of the game. When this was turned down he made the court look a slaughter ground. Jarron is hunting him while Aiel are killing trollocs in the halls of the palace in Caemlyn.


- Be’lal upon his release was helped out by Demandred. Later he moved around a bit before helping out Semirhage when she was released. The latter in hope of turning her against Demandred, though she left him with a promise of repaying the favour later. He then took Moghedien during her amnesia as Eden. The pair of them struck up a relationship, he reforged the shadarshan. Be`lal orchestrates the fall of Chachin by leaking to Sammael and Aginor that Demandred is weak there with his attention turned elsewhere, using their increasing problems with Demandred to prompt them to action. Be`lal traps Demandred’s thread in a blade made specifically for the purpose, Shaidar Haran relieved Be`lal of the sword along with the cour’souvra on Demandred’s person. Be`lal relocated with the remnants of his order and Moghedien/Eden to Tarabon. And where he’ll have to relocate again to Ebou Dar after the Seanchan invasion.


- Demandred seized Kandor but was later brought down by rival forces and killed by Be’lal. Kandor is currently beeing freed by WT and Warders.


- Asmodean, spent some time on the Ranch. Presently he is on the run from Semirhage after failed assassination attempt. And is soon to be Bard to the Daughter of the Nine Moons.


- Lanfear has gone through the ter’angreal gateway. She is later reborn as Cyndane under total control of the new Nae’blis through a cour’souvra (mindtrap).


- Graendal has gone into the ranks of the Seanchan with her plottings and is allied with Asmodean. The two are charged with continuing their plotting inside Seanchan to put them up against the mainland.


- Semirhage has been meddling into things in Murandy with the aim of gaining control of the King. Upon the day of her marriage to the King she is attacked by Asmodean. The attempt fails, and after a short exchange of deadly weaves they both flee, the King is dead, and Semirhage is about to make her way up to the Borderlands to ally with Sammael. Together they conquer Shienar and Arafel. After meeting with the Nae’blis they are made into the Guardians of the Gate to the Blight as V’alduri chooses to call the newly conquered area.


- Mesaana spends some time in Ebou Dar though without seeking to gain control. She is later killed.


- Moghedien has been a victim of amnesia and is currently allied with Be’lal. The two are charged with meddling in the mainland. The Slayer is also brought into this alliance and is to assist the Chosen in their task.


- Ja’varan is captured in the WT by the Amyrlin Lanfir Leah Marinsen and her Keeper, then later escapes. Said Amyrlin is later killed. Osan’gar's Mae’shadar gone power mad. Ja’Varan is hiding out in Illian where she had taken the place of the princess after the King's death and such plotting from the throne of Illian. Then gets killed by an alliance of BT-BotRH-FL


- V’alduri wakes up having been buried deeper than anyone, and is given the position of Nae’blis in the path of the other Chosens' lack of results and on top of that allowance of the Bowl of Wind being used. To all but the Chosen that can recognise her, she takes on the title Mistress of the Shadow so as to make sure the Light is kept as much in the dark about the doings of the Shadow as possible.

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Assistant Club Leader: Kathleen


Sub Head: _Kynwric_

Welcome to the Warders RP Group at Dragonmount. Our Group is more than just warriors bonded to Aes Sedai. Many men and women choose never to bond to an Aes Sedai and instead dedicate their lives to protecting all Aes Sedai and the White Tower itself. These individuals are Tower Guards. All who undergo the training will become Tower Guards, if even for a very brief moment before their chosen Aes Sedai bonds them as a Gaidin. If you find the calling to protect Aes Sedai and all that they stand for, join the Warders and begin your journey toward becoming one of the greatest fighters the Wheel of Time has ever known. By accepting the challenge and joining us, you too can stand on the slopes of Shayol Ghul and fight the Shadow during the Last Battle.

A Warder is:

“a warrior bonded to an Aes Sedai. The bonding is a thing of the One Power: by it he gains such gifts as quick healing, the ability to go long periods without food, water, or rest, and the ability to sense the taint of the Dark One at a distance. Warder and Aes Sedai gain certain physical and emotional knowledge of one another through the bond. So long as a Warder lives, the Aes Sedai to whom he is bonded knows he is alive however far away he is, and when he dies she will know the moment and manner of his death. While most Ajahs believe an Aes Sedai may have one Warder bonded to her at a time, the Red Ajah refuses to bond any Warders at all, and the Green Ajah believes an Aes Sedai may bond as many as she wishes. Ethically the Warder must accede to the bonding voluntarily, but it has been known to happen against the Warder’s will. What the Aes Sedai gain from the bonding is a closely held secret. By all known historical records, Warders have always been men, but recently a woman has been bonded, revealing certain differences in the effects.”
aCoS by Robert Jordan (page 878-879 pb)

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The White Tower


Assistant Club Leader: Kathleen


Website: HERE


Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have the power of the Aes Sedai? What would you do with such power? Would you help to save the world from the onset of the Shadow or perhaps would you work towards a darker purpose?


Here, at the White Tower RP Group, we welcome you to find out!


Each Ajah is represented in our role play, including that scary one that nobody likes to talk about. Whether you’ve tried a bit of RP'ing before, a lot of it, or none of it at all, come over to the White Tower and meet us - if you’re new to RP'ing, or the Wheel of Time, you'll receive all the help you need and many gently guiding hands.


When you join the White Tower, you’ll start off RP'ing as a Novice, gaining experience and fulfilling certain requirements before you’re raised to Accepted. After some more required RP's, you’ll be ready to be raised to full Sisterhood. During this time you’ll make friends and enemies (inside the RP - outside of it all you’ll find is friends), choose your Ajah, and all the other things that go along with living in the White Tower... but whatever you do, and whatever Ajah you choose, the main thing is that you’ll have a good time.


So come and meet us, and see what you think.



The Timeline of the White Tower's History can be found HERE.


Rules & Bio Guidelines can be found HERE.

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Assistant Club Leader: Cass


Website: HERE


Prospective Members!


Imagine this…


You’re going about your normal life, doing your chores on the farm or helping in mum or dad’s business when one night you have this dream that you’ve got four legs, a tail and are butt naked except for the fur on your back. None of this really concerns you now, though, the hunt is more important.


When you wake up the next morning, you think the dream strange but it’s only a dream… right? So what if you can see a bird high in the sky when no one else can or if dad’s heavy breathing bothers you on the other side of the house? So what? It bothers mum too! There’s certainly nothing wrong with a hankering for a good, bloody steak!


The dreams continue, getting more and more realistic. You can smell the deer’s scent on the breeze, feel its life blood ooze from around your jaws and taste its metallic blood. But they’re still dreams… they must be… have to be… aren’t they? Are they in any way connected with the strange images that plague your waking moments? Surely you’re not going insane?


The neighbours don’t meet your eyes any more, they’re afraid of the golden colour as if, somehow, just looking at it might make your disease contagious. Mum and dad say it’s just a weird throw-back of growing up but even they avoid your eyes. You can’t take it any more! It’s past time to be out of there…


Welcome to the Wolfkin! In Character we’re the Elias’ and Perrins, running around, talking to wolves. Out of character, we’re more likely to just be sitting around drinking tequila and simmering newbies in the chili pot! Sound like something you could get used to?


History of the Wolfkin


They came from many parts of the land, lost, confused, hurt and abused… drawn to the abandoned Stedding of the Westlands by the wolves in their dreams and the “sense” they had of where the Stedding were.


Slowly the communities grew, separate from each other although aware that each community existed. They learned to live off the land and harness what skills they each possessed for the good of the Stedding. There were only a few in each Stedding, and they didn’t venture far from the place of safety. The world was not ready to accept them yet.


In Manetheren the Stedding was in the mountains, in a far off corner of that realm. It was isolated from the rest of Manetheren and the Wolfkin that lived there believed they went unnoticed, until one day a messenger from the King of Manetheren turned up. He had a message for the leader of the Stedding and wanted to see him straight away.


Once the message had been read, Elreic, the leader of the Stedding left with the messenger and after two days of travelling, arrived at the King’s court. Elreic was ushered into the King’s private chamber. Although the King wanted to have this meeting, it would seem that not everybody agreed with his wish.


What was said at that meeting was kept secret for many a year but when Elreic left the city he took a young man with him, a young man whose eyes were golden and who was related to the Royal family of Manetheren.


From that first meeting a warm relationship grew up between the Kingdom of Manetheren and the Wolfkin in the Mountains. As the relationship grew so did the number of Wolfkin at the Stedding until all of the 'kin called the Stedding in the Mountain their home.


When they had all gathered and settled in, the Wolfkin began to specialise in various disciplines. Some became Rangers and guarded their home. The Rangers were the defenders of the Stedding and were the best trained in weaponry. Having spent time learning from the Manetheren army, they were considered equal to any fighters in the land.


Some became Trackers and were the ones to go out and find new members of the Wolfkin, helping them with the changes the Howling produced. The Trackers spent a lot of time searching for those known as Wanderers, and were often away from the Stedding for long periods.


The Watchers provided the eyes and ears for the Wolfkin and had a network of agents throughout most of the lands. It was a slow job gathering information but they could communicate with each other in the Wolf Dream so there was no need to report back to the Stedding personally with information that would be out of date by the time they arrived.


The Healers of the Wolfkin were known as Sages. They learned about all the various plants and herbs that could be used to heal. They also settled any disputes between Wolfkin members. The Sages were the first to meet new members who had been found by the Trackers, usually needing healing or just a friendly face. The Sages were also the strongest in the Wolf Dream.


As the years passed, the Wolfkin worked with King Aemon and spread throughout the country, relaying information to him about what the people wanted and where the next threat from the forces of Darkness would come from. This they did in secret, never revealing themselves and always being careful never to risk exposure to the Stedding.


The young man who had left the Palace with Elreic, worked as the conduit between the Palace and the Wolfkin. His name was Korum and he rose through the ranks of the Wolfkin until he became Head Watcher.


With this dispersion of the Wolfkin came a moment of great sadness. When Manetheren was attacked by overwhelming forces, the Wolfkin were too far away to be of any help in the battle. Only a few Rangers and a few of the Watchers were present, all losing their lives in the battle, with the Rangers fighting till the last to protect the King.


With the breaking of Manetheren’s power, the Wolfkin were scattered to the Four Corners of the land seeking shelter where they could find it. Manetheren was laid waste and the people who remained there had to scratch around to make a living. It was here that Korum chose to live, his appearance and abilities no longer noticed in the grief of the battle’s aftermath.


Korum moved about the area and finally settled down and raised a family. There was no sign of the Wolfkin in any of his offspring. As families do, his children grew up and moved away from the family home. Korum’s eldest daughter moved to the Two Rivers area and started a family there.




The Wolfkin ability lay dormant for a long time, manifesting itself in only a few, but slowly the golden eyes began to walk the land again. Finally, the Wolfkin had returned to the old Stedding in Manetheren but disaster once more struck their ranks. A strange disease known as the Plague came and left many dead in its wake, including the old Pack Leader.


With Miryana leading the Sages, new leaders soon rose up to guide the other groups. Anton of the Trackers, Leila of the Watchers and Owen of the Rangers.


There was no new Pack Leader though, instead a Council was formed to lead the Wolfkin.


The Wolfkin made a strong rebound toward their former glory and, with the Shadow rising, the Council decided to send a team to look for the Horn of Valere. The team was unsuccessful in finding the Horn but found numerous new Wolfkin instead. In the years since then the Wolfkin have grown and become less insular. As people passed away and moved on, so too did those who carried the most authority. Although Owen continues in his role, he was eventually joined by Winifred of the Trackers, the Watchers’ Head, Karoan Vear, and Aislyn, the new Head Sage. The Wolfkin now have alliances with the Band of the Red Hand, the Black Tower and the Aiel. 





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