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Who Knows What Collaborative Database


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Seeing as I launched this after the cutoff here's the info again.


The Who Knows What Collaborative Database is an attempt to compile comprehensive information about which characters know of which events. The twist is that anyone can edit it.


Due to ToM spoilers now being out and about we have changed the structure of the database slightly.

Accessible through the link below are two versions - a ToM spoiler version, and a spoiler-free version.

In order to ensure people don't get spoiled the spoiler free version is now locked.


BUT you can still edit the spoiler version.


I will monitor both sheets and will carry across myself any changes to the spoiler version that aren't spoilers. (E.G. If someone adds a new source from TGS, or a character we saw before ToM).


In addition, you can also request changes to the database in this thread if you don't want to risk being spoiled.


So now, the link.




Now lets make it as complete as possible!

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I would like it to be, but that's not my decision.


Anyway, this seems like a good time to post an update on the runnings of it.


ToM spoilers will slowly be coming out shortly.


What I plan to do is in the next few days take a copy of the database and lock it, to provide a spoiler free version. Then spoilers will be allowed on the main sheet which will be editable. Both will be accessible through the existing link.


Amendments to the locked spoiler free one can be PM'd to me (if the person is avoiding spoilers) or put on the spoiler one - as I will try and copy over any pre-ToM stuff that is added.


I plan on having a sourcing drive myself once my current reread is over (should be done in about a week).

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