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Gaul: Two places at once?


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Ok.  This re-read seems to have provided more questions than answers so far... but luckily answers are what I have you lovely DMers for. :D


I noticed that in chapter 33 after Perrin and company rescue the Luhans and the Cauthons from the Whitecloak camp, Perrin tells certain members of the Goldeneyes Gang (including Gaul) to escort the rescued captives to a safe location while he goes to hunt trollocs.


Excerpt from The Shadow Rising: A New Weave in the Pattern

"Tam, Abell, take Master Luhhan and the women to that hiding place you know.  Gaul, you go with them.  And Faile."


This is all well and good, however in chapter 40 Perrin is reminiscing over how his nose and Gaul's tracking skills had helped him track trollocs a scant two days after the rescue. 


Excerpt from the Shadow Rising:  Hunter of Trollocs

Two days after freeing Mistress Luhhan and the others, the day after Verin and Tomas rode on their own way, they had come on the still-smoking of a farmhouse, he and the fifteen Two Rivers lads with him then.  After burying what they found in the ashes, it was easy enough to follow the Trollocs, between Gaul's tracking and his own nose.


Now it only took them one day to get from the Aes Sedai hideout to the Whitecloak Camp (if I remember correctly), and with the speed the Aiel are able to travel I'm totally able to see how Gaul could escort the rescued captives to the hideout, and have time to get back to Perrin by day two.  My thing is that it didn't mention Gaul coming back, and it seemed to take for granted that he was there, almost like he'd never left. 


Anybody have any thoughts on this?  I see it as very very very unlikely that RJ, Harriet, and anybody else that might have proofread before publication completely missed this fact.  Did RJ ever address this in any interviews?  Am I trying to read into this too much?  I mean, obviously Gaul met back up with them, and apparently the number of Two Rivers lads went from 15-70 in that span as well; though I'm assuming all of the extras came from farms as they stopped by advising people to move to the closest village. 


Idk.  I'm rambling. 


Again... Thoughts?

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in the two days since betwene the rescue and the hunting they travelled back to the village and aroudn the village telling the people to abandon the farms for the safety of town. Besides by then the legend of perrin has spread and his cult following had begun, and plus young men who have all their childhood been regalled by stories of glorious fights and adventuring would all volunteer

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