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Hello, I'm new here to the site and just wanted to make an introduction.  I'm currently reading the WoT series and am on The Path Of Daggershopefully I can get caught up and finish book 12 soon.  A bit about me, I enjoy sports most of all basketball, I am also into gaming I own an Xbox 360 and I also enjoy MMORPG's (currently waiting for SWTOR), and obviously reading.  I'm new to this site but I have much forum expierence, I'm a member of a good chunk of forums regarding my interests and I also was a Moderator at aionsource (an Aion fansite for the MMORPG) but I resigned my position upon leaving the game.  Hopefully that will do for a first impression I'm sure I will be seeing much of you all in the future and look forward to be a member of this community.  Oh, one last thing I picked the name Daishar because of it means glory in the Old Tonuge, not because its a horse haha...

Best Regards,


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