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Hi all :)

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Long time lurker here but finally decided to register :)

Just finished a full reread of the series and now I'm at a loss of what to read before ToM comes out :(

I started reading WoT when WH came out in paperback.  I read EotW and was just awestruck with the quality of the descriptive writing and just how rich and detailed RJ's world was.  I had never seen world building on this level.  I remember first reading about the Aiel and being blown away with just how detailed and meticulous he was in creating their history and culture.  I remember coming across the old WoTFAQ website and reading the theories there especially for Asmodean, switched on some lights for me.  There were countless things I had never even thought about when reading through and I have been voraciously reading these boards for years now :)

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you generally don't seem to have those HCFF's that tell people they are dumb because they don't agree with their crackpot ideas.


That might be the stupidest thing I've ever seen on this forum.  As El implied, there are many people here who will be happy to tell you how stupid you are in the most offensive and insulting manner possible in a pg setting.  So let me be the first to congradulate you on managing to be one of the first to say something completely wrong and therefore stupid on you introduction thread.  Jeez...some people.... ;)


Just kidding.  Tons of people have done that on their intro thread.


Again, just kidding.  Hope you don't take any of that the wrong way, it was all in fun.  And El made me do it, anyway.

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