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Well, my name is Ethan, and I have been meaning to join for some time now.  The only problem has been that every time I think about doing it, I become distracted by topics of discussions.  They are like shiny objects to me.  So, moving on, I have been reading this series for over seven years ever since my friend introduced them to me the first day of 8th grade.  Favorite characters are Nynaeve, Rhuarc, Amys, and Semirhage.


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Welcome to DM! The discussions are so fun, and kind of crazy. Sometimes people blow my theories out of the water, and others they are just WAY more outside of the box than I imagined things to be (in a good way).


I spend a lot of my time on the Social Group side of DM, which is really fun. There are a ton of awesome people to chat with and waste time on LOL! Feel free to send me a message if you have questions or need help with anything, and stop by the White or Black Towers if you feel like joining Social Groups ^_^

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