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The Warp and the Woof


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Alright this theory is out there a bit and requires some background so indulge me. 


Way back in the TDR while Verrin is explaining the WOD (World of Dreams) she goes into some detail about the pattern and the mirror worlds.  This got me to thinking about the mechanics of the wheel, how the pattern is weaved, etc. 


In a basic loom you have the warp, parellel pieces of thread tied to fixed points and the woof (which are weaved alternately in front of and behind the woof). 


We know the wheel spins out people lives (threads) to be the woof, but what consititues the warp lines?


It is my belief that the fixed points for the warp lines are the portal stones.  Lets look at this further.  Back to TDR.  First Verin draws perpinduclar lines (representing the real world).  Then a series of angled lines across the perpindiucular lines representing the mirror worlds.  What's on the stones.  Two things actually, a series of symbols representing the different known stones, and a series of lines representing the known worlds (mirror worlds).  You can use the stones to travel from stone to stone or from one stone in one world to the same stone in another world, or to another stone in another world.  The stones are common to all worlds.  They are the warp.  Also it is noted how they cannont be moved.  They are tied down in some way; fixed in place. 


Now lets look at how people travel.  Men in particular bore a hole in the pattern from one place to another, meaning the pattern itself is analogous to locations in the physical world. 


Look at the town Perrin visits to get food and the one Mat visits that resets every night.  Again physical locations directly affected by the pattern.


We are told that the Dragon is one with the land and the land one with the Dragon.  The Dragon is Tav'ern, the pattern shapes itself around him.  Again the pattern is directly affecting the physical world. 


The pattern itself seem to be the basis for the Physical world.  What happened during the breaking.  The land moved (including the portal stones).  How do we know that.  In TSR (a BUT book)we learn there are three of the things within a days ride of Tear. They are rare enough that there shouldn't be three of them that near. 


We know the Dragon is destined to break the world again.  In Fel's note we are told you must clear the rubble to rebuild.  That Belief and Order give strenght. 


Lets take a step back a minute.  We know that hole into the dark one's prison was bored into a thinspot in the pattern.  His prison is not at SG it's just the place that the bore can be sensed.  I say the bore is into the pattern it happens to be a SG but it could have just as easily been at any of the other portal stone locations. The pattern itself is actually his prison and the portal stones are the weak points.  Right now the seals are acting as a temporary anchor for the pattern for the missing stone at SG and the out of place stones at the other location but they are too weak and failing.


The stones must be moved back to their original locations before the pattern fails.  To do this necessitates breaking the world again.  Rebuilding it to give order and strenght. 

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well I am just going to outline a few things that I understand about portal stones and such:

1) time, distance, and other factors can be twisted and warped there

2) there are 3 constants, dark one, creator (pattern), and portal stones

3) the reason why they are different is based on decisions and outcomes

4) the further away from the truth a reflection is the more faded it is

5) portal stone studies where used to create the ways (although I dont necessarily understand how this was possible, since ways where put outside of stedding in return for the protection from saidin the ogier offered male AS)


now as for channelling and travelling:

1) male travelling is like wormhole theory that the fastest way to somewhere far away in space is to bend space until the two points are touching (rand with egwenes shawl and his explanation)

2) womens travelling is make two places look identical, so you are stepping into the other area.


Now for the changing world:

1) Hinderstrap is as if the pattern has been cut and bent back on itself, every night they go insane kill each other then everythign resets and strangers can be caught there.

2) as for the village perrin visits there is a high frequency of ghosts and such and it is scaring the populous to an degree, now I think that this is cause that village is where the pattern is a bit thinner than usual so the strain on the pattern allows ghosts from teh DO's domain to be projected upon the real world


I hope this helps your theory which I am not too sure what it is, just thought I would try to help and provide what I know/believe to be true

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