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  1. I know I have seen speculation that the Ways may have been cleasend now that Sadin is clean. Those I believe have mostly been shot down. However, I would like to make the argument that Sadin was never the source of the taint in the first place. 1) The Taint is described as an oily film on the surface of Sadin. Sadin itself is clean. But in order to use it you must reach through the taint to get to it. No where do we see weaves do odd things because of the taint. The weaves do what they should; the user is the one that is corupted. 2) The ways themselves were fine for over a thousand years. The ways didn't start to decline until after the creation of Shadar Logoth. (Loial's story in the tEOTW describes this timing) 3) Fain is able to survive Machin Shin. (tEOTW). Some of the voices recognized him. Others feared him. 4) Fain is able to control Machin Shin. (TGH) 5) Machin Shin is able to track Rand (TGH). An ability learned from Fain? Why do the voices in Machin Shin recognize Fain? Why do they know him? Why do they fear him? Because Machin Shin is the souls of the people of Shadar Logoth or maybe the Souls Mashadar has consumed? With the destruction of SL in the cleansing and by extension the Way Gate the link to SL and the source of coruption of the Ways has been lost. I don't know if Machin Shin survived or not. My fear is it didn't and the ways are wide open to be used by the Shadow Spawn; which is the way they are moving large groups of troops around. Rand and by extention Loial and Kisman weren't able to find or protect all of the way gates. Enough are open for this to be a serious problem. Could we see the cleansing of the Taint come back to hurt the Light Side?
  2. I took Elayne's moment of extreme relief to be the moment she won the battle for the thorne. Specifically when the last 4 houses swore to her. I think they align pretty well in time but I haven't checked a timeline to be sure. I suspect the Graendal is going to go for aviendliha. That was my thought the moment avi was sent.
  3. Eladia spent time with Fain (enough to be infected by him). There is a good bet she was brushed with the dagger. If you look at what the dagger did to Mat and what is said to have happened to the people of Shadar Logoth you can extrapolate to her. At this point she is messed up enough to believe anyone who opposes her is a DF; so she can say it with the oaths and believe it.
  4. I picked the book up at an airport on my way home from a Ski Trip. This was just after The Eye of World came out in paperback (yes I have been reading them that long). I picked the book cause it was long and looked somewhat intresting. I also thought it wasn't a series (boy was I wrong); which I wanted at the time becuase I was in the middle of one and didn't want to start another until that one was done. I got home and found the Great Hunt in hardcover at the bookstore. I've been waiting for the next one to come out ever since.
  5. This is in TSR when Fain is in the Two Rivers with the WhiteCloaks? He is getting the Fade to attack Taren Ferry and allow people to escape across the river to bring word of the trollocs. His goal is bring Rand to him. He is not satified with Perrin alone. We hear from Luc latter on about the attack and the people escaping but never see the effect of any tales that might bring.
  6. Moraine wanted the Horn carried to Illian because she knew whoever brought the horn to Illian would be such a big hero that they would have the whole nation and Hunters behind them. She wanted Rand to do it to have a nation at his back. It was before she knew about Sam. I don't know why Illian is the place the hunt is called, but I don't think there is anything tying it or the Horn to the last battle. In fact Thom tells Rand in TGH that the only thing the Horn has in common with the Karth Cycle is that the Horn has to be found before the last battle.
  7. All other arguements aside. It comes down to does Graendal know that Rand knows where she is? What happened with the person who gave up her location is impossible for her to know. It shouldn't have even been possible at all. That leaves her being able to get the information out of Lord Ram. If someone can provide me a line of questioning that Graendal might have used to come to that conclusion that I am willing to concede all the possible weaves that we don't know about, timing, etc. In other words conjecture. Please keep in mind the limitations of compulsion. The compulsed only answers the question they are asked (see Nyn/Elayne and the ter'angeral on the necklace compulsion questioning for details). Also, please look at what Ram knew when Rand sent him. I can't come up with a line of questions that gets me to the Dragon knows where I am hiding much less to Oh $$@!@$#! The Dragon is waiting outside to Balefire. For those of you who believe help me get there.
  8. Remember Grendal has no way of knowing Rands plan. Rand purposely picks the biggest bumbling idiot he can find. Sends him off telling him he needs allies, go see if who is at the palace can help. Grendal knowing he is from Rand has to compel him (you could say she was compeled to compel him). She doesn't know her hideaway is compromisied and even if she tried to get information from Rands messenger he is to dumb to even understand he is being duped. Grendal is toast. People who know they are smarter than everyone else are easy to fool. You just have to let them see through your ruse. Once they see what they expect they never look deeper. Also, Rand being willing to balefire an entire palace full of people is completely out of character. He hasn't even been willing to kill a woman up until now. No way to expect that even if she thinks he might know where she is. Which she doesn't. I can't say I loved the way she died after all the build up she had in the last several books, but I am pretty sure she is toast.
  9. Alright this theory is out there a bit and requires some background so indulge me. Way back in the TDR while Verrin is explaining the WOD (World of Dreams) she goes into some detail about the pattern and the mirror worlds. This got me to thinking about the mechanics of the wheel, how the pattern is weaved, etc. In a basic loom you have the warp, parellel pieces of thread tied to fixed points and the woof (which are weaved alternately in front of and behind the woof). We know the wheel spins out people lives (threads) to be the woof, but what consititues the warp lines? It is my belief that the fixed points for the warp lines are the portal stones. Lets look at this further. Back to TDR. First Verin draws perpinduclar lines (representing the real world). Then a series of angled lines across the perpindiucular lines representing the mirror worlds. What's on the stones. Two things actually, a series of symbols representing the different known stones, and a series of lines representing the known worlds (mirror worlds). You can use the stones to travel from stone to stone or from one stone in one world to the same stone in another world, or to another stone in another world. The stones are common to all worlds. They are the warp. Also it is noted how they cannont be moved. They are tied down in some way; fixed in place. Now lets look at how people travel. Men in particular bore a hole in the pattern from one place to another, meaning the pattern itself is analogous to locations in the physical world. Look at the town Perrin visits to get food and the one Mat visits that resets every night. Again physical locations directly affected by the pattern. We are told that the Dragon is one with the land and the land one with the Dragon. The Dragon is Tav'ern, the pattern shapes itself around him. Again the pattern is directly affecting the physical world. The pattern itself seem to be the basis for the Physical world. What happened during the breaking. The land moved (including the portal stones). How do we know that. In TSR (a BUT book)we learn there are three of the things within a days ride of Tear. They are rare enough that there shouldn't be three of them that near. We know the Dragon is destined to break the world again. In Fel's note we are told you must clear the rubble to rebuild. That Belief and Order give strenght. Lets take a step back a minute. We know that hole into the dark one's prison was bored into a thinspot in the pattern. His prison is not at SG it's just the place that the bore can be sensed. I say the bore is into the pattern it happens to be a SG but it could have just as easily been at any of the other portal stone locations. The pattern itself is actually his prison and the portal stones are the weak points. Right now the seals are acting as a temporary anchor for the pattern for the missing stone at SG and the out of place stones at the other location but they are too weak and failing. The stones must be moved back to their original locations before the pattern fails. To do this necessitates breaking the world again. Rebuilding it to give order and strenght.
  10. She is also really old (by AS standards) and has been working with the power for a really long time. The more you do something the faster you can learn something closely related.
  11. As an aside; there are two others sets of prophecy that we know of that you didn't mention. The He who comes with the dawn and the Coramamor prophecies. So 5 sets. 4 of which are specific to the last battle. Not sure if what the Aes Seadi have are a mismash or last battle specific. I guess we could throw the Cordin Neadla (sorry I am a horrible WOT name speller) notes as well. Also, I guess we have Nicola, Eladia, Egwene, Briar, Amys and Perrin as ongoing sources of prophecy; not to mention whatever damne might have the gift. I guess there are the forsaken as well. Seems like Moggy and Cyd(Lanfear) might have the ability to dream.
  12. 3 possibilities: Wise ones all have the same dream (Matters of Toh - LOC). Rain Coming from the bowl. If the right hands pick it up they will find a treasure perhaps as great as the bowl. If the wrong hands, the world is doomed. So what is the treasure? Is it 1 object or the whole trove? Moraine thinking to herself in TFOH about the ring ter'angeral in Rhuinedan A spoonful of hope and a cup of despair. We know about Lanfear and the dock (her despair) perhaps her hope is in the rescue, but I don't think so....I think she knows something about the last battle. She's a Blue, dedicated to the cause of seeing the Dragon Reborn win the last battle. I'm not sure she would consider her rescue hope...perhaps...but it doesn't really fit her character. Ewgenes Dreams in What can be Learned in Dream (TFOH). There are four of them. The last one is significant in that it seems to be coming true in TGS. "A storm, Great Dark Cloud rolling without wind or rain while forked Lightning Bolts, every one identical, rent the earth." At the time most thought this was dealing with the battle latter in the book, but if you look at the way the storm is described in TGS it seems to fit better. If it does have we seen the Lightning bolts? Maybe a few but not rending the earth. Imagine the construct Rand Created to kill the trollocs in the Stone on a Global scale. Not to mention the clouds are blocking the sunlight prevent stuff from growing. Add in Rands state being tied to the land, the harsh summer, the long winter before that. Not many crops in the last 2 years for Randland. Throw in the spoilage and you have massive starvation and lots of CHAOS. Maybe that explains the farming in the blight which seemed totally out of left field. There is more to that..of that much I am certain. Forkroot is my last guess. We first see it in A signal in TFOH. It has gotten to the tower and the Seachan. The shadow probably has it by now as well. Maybe that is what those farmers in the blight were doing. Did I mention I am certain that is important....whatever it is?
  13. We don't see the actual outing. My guess is Galad does it; as we see through one of Rand's visions that Perrin is with the Whitecloaks. Tam tells Rand about Morgase in their little meeting that was arranged by Cads. I don't have the book in front of me so I can't tell you the exact chapter but it is right near the end.
  14. Not sure if this is where this belongs but I have seen some discussion in this thread on this topic so here goes. First we have the 3 become 1 prophecy and Mins revlation about Callandor along with Cauds admonition to Rand that it is not buffered and should only be used with two females to help buffer We have the Availa will help Rand die. Help not kill or whatever just help. Then we have Lews Therins talk about what happened at the sealing of the bore As an aside I believe that Jordan has indicated that if they would have tried together (male and female) then both halves of the power would have been tainted so the problem is the method not the lack of Sadir. So if you can't use the OP what do you use. Not the TP I don't think the Dark one would allow you to use his own power aganist him along with being burned to a crisp. What if you can use the OP you just have to use it in a differnt way. Way back in the EOTW Moraine tells us what the liquid is in the pool. She mentions in passing the aes sedai who did it worked through the taint and died to make it pure. This got me to thinking what if method they used to buffer the power from the taint is the same one that could be used to set the seals on the dark ones prison without corrupting the power. What if Moraine knows they way to do this either through her questions or through the rings. We know Rand will fail without her (Min's viewings). Put it together we have Moraine and Availa and Rand wield Callandor in a way that protects the source from the dark one but causes them to die which gives us Availa helping Rand die. The method only works because Callandor is unbuffered (hence you have to use Callandor not some other angeral). It all works but it is way out there as Theories go. So feel free to rip it to shreds. Maybe we will still learn something from it.
  15. I've been in the Laras = Messana camp for a long time but with Verin knowing Messana is in the tower and looking for her and with her comment to Ewgene about Laras I am convinced she is not Messana. I also don't think she is purposefully a Red Herring. There is a reason for her actions. I hope we get a chance to find out what they are. My guess is she is a spy for some faction. Maybe even Verins personnel agent. For someone who is out of the tower as much as she appears to be having someone inside it to let you know what is going on makes sense. To me Messana is likely the Sitter that fled that Verrin hadn't flagged (except I am not sure we ever saw her and Jordan said we had seen Messana in disguise- Has someone checked this). That leaves in my mind Tutsanna (the red ajah head we are told has changed a lot while in exile but I really don't like her or see her that way or everones favorite Danielle but it seems like Verrin would know her well enough (since she is in her Ajah) to know she is not herself. So yeah clear as mud to me.
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