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Glowbulbs, the Bore and more!

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Before the girls questioned Moghedien, the Aes Sedai of the Third Age didn't know how to tie off weaves.


Pretty sure they knew how to tie them off, they just didn't know how to invert them.

Pretty sure I'm right, but not willing to go back and sift through the books to find the proof. Tieing off, inverting and masking ability were all things learned from Moghedien. Amongst many other things the girls took credit for in Salidar.






Channeling, she lit her lamp and put flames in the firepit; nothing remained for them to burn, but she tied the weave off. She lay there, watching her breath mist in front of her mouth, and waited for warmth enough to dress. It was late, but perhaps Moiraine would still be awake.


FOH Chapter 15 - Egwene POV


Once again Egwene checked the shield woven from Spirit that blocked Joiya from touching the True Source. It held, as she knew it must. She herself had woven all the flows around Joiya and tied them to maintain themselves, but she could not be easy in the same room with a Darkfriend who had the ability to channel, even if it was blocked.

TSR Chapter 5 - Egwene POV



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I am not 100% sure but I don't think tying off was new.  My guess is they learned Inverting and masking from Mogi.  But again I don't remember what Moghi taught them.  When Rand went into the ambush with Semi, Ny commented someone  was channeling but was masking and inverting the  weaves.  Nyn only knew since she had a ter'angreal that could detect  channeling. She wondered how the Seanchan had learned that.. 

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