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  1. I like to think he'll find Min and spend a regular, mortal lifetime wandering the world with her.
  2. I'd be down with all of that, but short of an adaption or some kind of fan rewrite, I don't see most of it happening. As for just cutting unneeded content, I could definitely get behind that too, but the problem is that while almost everyone agrees that the series is bloated, nobody can agree on which subplots and side characters should and shouldn't be cut. You'd need a customizable version where you can tick off different subplots to be minimized depending on your preference.
  3. Pretty sure they knew how to tie them off, they just didn't know how to invert them. Pretty sure I'm right, but not willing to go back and sift through the books to find the proof. Tieing off, inverting and masking ability were all things learned from Moghedien. Amongst many other things the girls took credit for in Salidar. Nope.
  4. Lol. What's wrong with speculation? I mean realistically, how much else is there to talk about? The series is over, the credits have ended, the curtains have closed - you can only have so many arguments about how much Elayne sucked or which of the main characters was the coolest or which book was your favorite, but it's interesting to think about the things which could have been different/better, or the really interesting aspects of the world which are only hinted at. But, for whatever reason, people interpret that as a direct attack on the series and their attachment to it, which I don't understand. Saying "hey wouldn't X have been an interesting way for things to play out" or "I wonder what the deal with Y was" or "Z really didn't make much sense, what's up there?" isn't a personal attack on anyone and it isn't a call for a WoT Book Burning Rally. It's just some interesting conversation (and maybe polite debate) about the wider possibilities of the WoT series and the world it's set in. So, w/e.
  5. Pretty sure they knew how to tie them off, they just didn't know how to invert them.
  6. Again, compulsion. If Mat could do it, then Dem/Sam/Whoever could have. If not with fireworks specifically, then with something. Anyway, people seem to enjoy shooting down speculation about what would have been cool in favor of arguing against why it wouldn't work because it's not how RJ wrote it, so w/e.
  7. So guns are out, but swords and axes and crossbows and what not are fine? Cause they had no problem using troops wielding those (or using them themselves, in the case of swords, but that just comes down to duelling with swords being cool I think). I find it highly unlikely that at least some of them wouldn't have put their technological/scientific knowledge (relative to the rest of the population) to use to give their side a massive military advantage. It wouldn't have been as good as whatever they decked their troops out with in the AoL, but I'm sure they could have come up with something to give them a firm advantage. And more to the point, it would have just been plain cool - bring some of the AoL stuff into the present, especially right towards the end, mix things up, add a twist and throw in a bit of flavor to move even further away from the generic medieval fantasy vibe.
  8. If the Whitecloaks have Darkfriends in major positions of power, I'm certain the Illuminators would as well. On the unlikely chance that they don't, there's always compulsion.
  9. We're not talking about Classical Roman era technology and infrastructure, we're talking Medieval/Renaissance Europe era technology and infrastructure, combined with a more or less unlimited workforce, easy access to gunpowder and scientific knowledge which exceeds the 21st century, topped off with the OP.
  10. Yeah he does some stupid stuff - handing over the negotiations with the Seafolk to a random Aes Sedai then gating over to the rebel camp where he achieves nothing other than getting attacked by Fain comes to mind, and there are others. But I think the context has to be taken into account. This is an 18 year old (and think back to your own behavior and emotions at 18) who's never lived any life other than that over a farmer near a small village, taken away from everything he's ever known, discovers he's doomed to go mad and die, told that he's the Dragon Reborn of prophecy whom everyone fears almost as much as the DO he believes he has to sacrifice his life to kill (literally the godlike personification of evil), then thrust onto the center of the world stage and given the task of using military leadership and political manipulation (neither of which he has the slightest experience with) to unite the entire world in a few short years. Throw in the fact that he's rarely with more than one or two people who genuinely care about him as a person, if any (Mat and Perrin distance themselves from him, Egwene is always off with the Wise Ones and then leaves for Salidar, when they meet again they're no longer friends and have very different perspectives and goals, he's rarely with either Elayne, or Aviendha - especially once she stops acting so insane around him, Min is really the only genuine human interaction he gets on a regular basis once she finally reaches him), the constant attempts on his life, the fear and hatred and attempts at control coming from every angle. Realistically, it would break almost any man and drive him insane even without the Taint. By comparison, Mat and Perrin's lives are both a cakewalk.
  11. Thing about Mat is that that he took it in stride. He didn't mope and whine like Perrin, or turn in on himself like Rand, he retained his basic personality, just adapted it to the circumstances. Yeah he got pissed off when things went south (although he frequently plays up his reluctance), but he still dealt with events as they came, did what he had to do and for the most didn't let it change his usual humorous, fun-loving personality (although of course he could get serious when the circumstances warranted it). Faile came in before he returned to the Two Rivers. If he married her simply so he'd have some connection to someone after his family died, that makes his marriage even more messed up, not less. That is not the basis for a healthy marriage. Although it actually makes sense - they go from some weird passive aggressive back and forward bickering to their even more weird marriage, it fits that he clung to her because he felt he had nothing else, no matter how horrible a fit they are as a couple. More to the point, you would be 100% right if what he was moping about was his dead family. That's a completely acceptable thing to mope about. But he cries once, mentions them once or twice over the next few chapters and then... never mentions it again, because he goes back to fighting with Faile, or telling people to stop calling him a Lord, or telling the wolves to leave him alone (except for when he needs them to die for him, then he's less reluctant), on and on and on... My re-read is currently on POD and I don't think he's mentioned his family once since the book they died in. Man, RJ was really bad at relationships. Rand/Min is the only one which felt remotely realistic, and only after it actually started.
  12. At the end of the day we just don't know enough about how the AoL technology worked to say either way. Starting a fire doesn't necessarily mean chemicals, there could have been some form of energy stored in the bulb which was vented when it broke.
  13. Rand at least had a reason to be emo about it, although he goes really overboard after a while. Perrin gets to marry the woman he for some reason loves, special powers, becomes a hero and a lord, etc etc. and all. he. does. is. complain.
  14. I think it's impossible to really say with Rand, right from the moment he accepted his role as the Dragon Reborn, most of what he did was either directly or indirectly motivated by his role in the fight against the Shadow and his presumed knowledge of his fate. He cleansed the Taint because he couldn't afford to have his Asha'man (or himself) keep drifting towards total insanity before the Last Battle, he started creating the schools because he wanted to leave something behind other than the destruction and death the prophecies predicted, Rhuidean was as much a coincidence as anything, he didn't see the Aiel and say "hey, these people need a lake, I'm gonna sort that out," the Seanchan treaty was because he couldn't fight a war on two fronts, etc etc etc. He was so defined by his role as the Dragon Reborn that there's no real way to guess what he would have become without it. The closest we have is his Portal Stone visions in TGH, and in most of them he suffered the usual fate of male channelers and never really amounted to anything much on the global scale. Iirc the most he ever did was become an officer in the Andoran guard or somesuch and channel secretly during battle, dying half mad when the Trollocs overran Caemlyn.
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